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    sure.. i can tell you that is has lots of knobs, and a green front panel, and a really cool blacklight that makes the front panel glow... and i bet it could power a 410 quite nicely.. how's that for anything?

    if that's not what you were looking for.. get more specific.. .a friend of mine has this head.. but i don't know what you're asking.
  3. Thanks for replying,what i really wnat to know is the type of tones you can get ,artists who use it maybe, so that iknow what i could expect and whether it is what i am looking for.
    Also i have prices for the trace and also for the Hartke HA 3500 with 4x10,any preferences?
    thing is i need a new rig rather urgently.Our group hasn't got a gig for a couple of weeks,and i just dont know what to get.I need a replacement for my nackered out Carlsbro Viper 100.

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    I had the AH250 for the longest time. I imagine the 350 would be simiular. My biggest complaint was the tone would be thin in upper register. (typical SS tones) Lots of punch and can be very bright!

    other then that, hell of a workhorse and it will power a 410 very nicely, but sounds much better paired with a 15 or 18. Then the bottom really comes to life. How much are you spending will depend on deal. And with just the 410, I never had a problem keeping up with loud bands, even very loud marshall stack type bands. Never had to set the volume over 7 (pre-gain set at 7, always)

    If the price it right, it would be a great workhorse amp that should serve you well.

    IMHO I would take it way over a Harke HA 3500.(but then, I'm not a Harke fan)
  5. Go here for some info:

    Are you looking at new or used? I've owned several pieces of pre-Gibson Trace gear. Nice stuff and very suited to rock music. I've always found the amps to be able to get a variety of tones. Notable users may still include Tony Levin and Nathan East. Check out Ashdown's bass stuff if you can. The guys who ran Trace before Gibson bought them out are behind their stuff. Nice!
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    I believe that the Hartke's were copying the Trace stuff. Just look at the Hartke layout and compare.

    I would rather have the inovator than the imitator.

    And yes, the Trace is great for rock tones, but with the right cabs it will do nicely for R&B & country too. I used Trace and Eden boxes for years, and yes I've owned Hartke boxes too.

    Between the amps and cabs the best of these manufacturers are the Trace Electronics and the Hartke cabs, but I wouldn't use the opposite myself.
  7. I love the Trace stuff - check out profile! I'm on m second rig and wouldn't have anything else I don't think anything sounds as good, looks as good and is a portable (OK it's still heavy, but not as heavy as some) I'm inclined to be biased - I just like the stuff!

    Some of it's users include Tony Levin, Nathan East, Duff McKagan (Original Guns 'n' Roses), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden - for a while anyway, he nay be using HiWatt again), Mark King when he was in Level 42, Tony Butler (Big Country).

    Remeber that if you only have one cabinet you won't get the entire output of the AH350 head! You'd need to add another cabinet to get the full output - I can honestly say that after 9 years or so with only an AH250 and a 4 x 10" adding the 1 x 15" cabinet was amazing. It just makes the sound so full!

    If you like the sound and it's a good price go for the Trace - you won't regret it!
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