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Trace Troubles

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by mostpplrnotok, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Hey all,
    Only recently purchased my Trace Elliot Ah30012, maybe a month ago (brand new, although it may have been sitting in the store for a year+)
    Been running it into a lab systems 2x10 and a mercury 1x15
    Was at rehearsal tonight and it starts emitting that horrible cooked electronic smell.. :scowl:
    I quickly turned it off waited a bit and turned it back on again, hoping everything would be cool and we could resume practice (probably a dumb idea)
    When i turned it back on the UV light flashed, then died.. All other lights were working including the more gain and thumbs up lights, (those familair with trace will no more about what im referring to) as if it was producing sound. The only thing was that there was no sound..
    Any suggestions on this? whats going on? why did it happen? ive been careful with the amp, and haven't at all thrashed it, I've played close attention to the manual and set up the amp as they suggested. i.e dial up the input gain then slowly turn the output level to achieve desired volume..
    The amp is under warranty but I am worried about them just taking the amp into some dodgy electronics store, who might fix the problem and make other matters worse etc...
    couldnt have happened at a better time aswell, gigs on the weekend wooo..
  2. well, what else are you going to do without voiding your warranty? All you can do is ask them where they send it, or ask if you have a choice about where they send it.
  3. yeah i know ive just had previous bad experiences with the amp repairer that all the stores send all their stuff to...
    i got my old trace combo back off him and it never sounded the same..

    no suggestions on why it happened?
  4. too many possibilities to speculate. Obviously something is over heating, but as to the cause!? Hell, may as well flip a coin! Sorry!

    Just be sure that you've followed any instructions, because the first thing they'll suspect is the nut on the end (that's you, BTW!)