Trade: '78 Sting Ray for an upright?

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  1. mattzink


    Jun 21, 2002
    Bloomington, IN
    hey guys and gals.
    i just had my 1978 sting ray on ebay. plenty of people checked it out, but no one even bid on it. (only had it up for 5 days though). i'm on a quest to get a solid beginner's upright bass, worth in the $800 - $1200 range. the only big requirements i would have would that it be structurally sound, low action (you know how us bass guitar players are!) and an ebony fingerboard (NOT ebonized fingerboard.) i know it's a long shot that this works, but i figured what the heck.

    as for my sting ray, below is the text from the ebay add. please don't email me and tell me i wanted too much for it - i already know. i really like that bass and was kind of halfheatedly selling it. email me at for photos, etc. thanks, matt
    ps. please forgive all the html stuff in the text.

    <p>Description: This bass was purchased from Crown Audio/Lakland bass endorser and all around studio heavy, Randy Melson, whom I was taking lessons from. I bought this bass in high school, and have had it for approximately 15 years, but must limit my “bass arsenal” to the essentials (read: I’m newly married). In order to get money to buy an upright bass, I must sell my Leo Fender era 1978 Musicman Sting Ray. This is a player’s bass, not a collector’s bass: the neck has been shaved to a smaller dimension and the tobacco sunburst finish is approximately 6 years old. Both alterations were done by professional luthier Ron Volbrecht ( This is highly playable, excellent sounding bass.

    <p>There is standard fingerboard wear for a bass this age, and there are a few minor chips in the finish, but, generally, it is cosmetically in great shape. Mechanically, it is great shape.

    <p><font color=blue> Other features:
    <li>All original parts</li>
    <li>Maple neck/fingerboard; swamp ash body</li>
    <li>Active electronics</li>
    <li>Built-in mono preamp</li>
    <li>Bolt on neck</li>
    <li>Controls: volume knob, bass and treble knobs</li>
    <li>Hard shell case (not original case) included</li>
    <li>Strap with strap lock (I will also send the original strap parts) </font color=blue></li>

    <p>Aside from a few stickers, minor scratches, and a small hole/”tear” around one of the case “feet” the locking (key included!) hardshell case in good shape.

    <p> Additional photos available upon request (Sorry, only high resolution available – long download times!).