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  1. I have a pretty nice Fender aka(cowpoke) bass which I am sure some of you have heard of. Its in real nice condition and I like it. I use a Fender P bass at church now the church owns, so the cowpokes stays in the case. I have a guy who wants to trade me a really nice PV T-40 Bass Black on Black Rosewood finger board. I am a guitar player for 50 years and 30 years in church, I have been playing bass maybe 5 years and love it. But I know more about guitars then bass's, I learn to play bass on a friends T-40 and used it for a few gigs when I was playing in a band, But it had a few problems but it did function. Anyway I would like to hear your Pro's and Con's on this trade or if I should do it at all. Thanks for the help.
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    If you don't mind the weight of the Peaveys the go for it. The Peaveys are heavy so for me it would be no.
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    That Peavey is not worth that Fender, even if the Peavey is mint and Fender is beat. No price quotes without supporting membership, but you will be losing on that trade. The Peavey will also be a back breaking boat anchor, as bassbully pointed out. It will hurt your back after a long night.
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    If the T-40 is in nice shape it is a fair trade.
    Painted T-40s in good shape are going up in value. Cowpokes have never been worth a whole lot.
    Ether bass in nice shape is worth $350-500
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    Sounds like you've bonded. I'd never move a bass that I had a connection with. I have P's and a T-40. I feel like I have some sort of cosmic connection with my P's. Your 'Poke will have more value, but T-40s are on the rise. Tonewise, the T-40 is more versatile - several pickup configs, phase switch. Some are heavy, mine's 10#. Plays nice. But I'd take my#1 P in an either/or situation.
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    The custom finish green one with the racing stripes (above tb link) is cool. I'd keep the Fender - heavy basses are only worth it if they're really special sounding/playing. If it doesn't fit that qualification for me it's not even a consideration. I love the look of an Ibanez Black Eagle but they are really heavy and so it's on my appreciation list only.
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    In my universe....there is no way in hell a Peavey T40 is worth anything near a cowpoke......but that's a personal opinion.

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    Imo a cowpoke is not only worth more but just an all around better instrument. If you're planning to hold on to one or the other for the long haul I'd stick with the cow poke. Nothing against the t40 though, it is a strong workhorse.
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    Id do the trade I have been looking for a t40. plus I'm not a big fender fan... unless musicman counts.
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    Keep the Fender
    the weight of the t40 has got to be a consideration

    all that really matters is if you'd rather have the t40
  13. I'd never do the trade based upon the weight of the Peavey alone, and then there is the fact that I'd love to have a Cowpoke! But, as we all know, preferences with basses are very personal, so if you like the Peavey better, then do the deal! While there is probably a slight difference in the value of the two instruments, it isn't like an order of magnitude or anything like that, so just do whatever makes you happy. :)
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    If trade are not to trade, what are trade?
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    Whether he makes the trade or not, it's certainly not a bad trade as far as $ goes. The completed listings on eBay for the cowpokes run from $300-$400. The completed listings for the T-40's run $400-$500. Check it out. A beat Fender Cowpoke is maybe a $200-$250 bass. A mint Peavey T-40 is a $550-$600 bass.
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    What exactly is a cowpoke?
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    One thing to consider, quite a few T 40s are overpriced...way overpriced. That's why there are the same 4 or 5 on ebay month after month after month. They're by no means rare, unless maybe you find that one in Sienna Sunburst, Royal Burgundy, or Frost Blue.
    Despite that, I'd rather have a really nice T-40 for the variety of tones you can get out of them...heavy as they are. There has to be at least a dozen different colored pickguards you can buy, too. So instead of black with a black guard you can make it stand out with a nice red tortoishell, or pearl green, or a mirrored guard, etc.
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  18. Where do you get your info? Both seem to go for $300 to $500 on ebay depending on condition. So it is a fair trade.

    TO THE OP: Go for it! The T-40 is the most versatile bass ever and looks more legit than a Rick.
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    That Painted T-40 is not the same animal as the natural ash bodied ones from the 70's. The pickups and bridge were redesigned and not for the better. So if the one you learned on was natural this will disappoint tone wise.
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    My first thought was - I've been playing 40 years and have never heard of a cowpoke. It's either a very rare (valuable) bass or another one of those models that just weren't very popular. It doesn't appear to be rare/valuable.
    T-40s have a fairly large following. You can always get your money out of them any time if you change your mind. That would not be as easy with a Cowpoke.
    The knock on T-40s is the weight. If you can live with that then that would be my choice. But choose the one you'd prefer to have. Don't trade just because the other guy wants yours really badly.
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