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SOLD Trade Bait: 1987 4003 Rickenbacker in Jetglo

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by peekypoo, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. I'm still on the fence with this one..

    No issues with , frets , neck , or electronics..

    Comes with a sticker laiden tolex case that fits nicely..

    Iv'e been missing the tone of my "Thunderbird pickups"..

    Show me what you have for trade..

    100_0662. 100_0666.
  2. mlwarriner


    Nov 8, 2003
    KC, MO, USA
    pm forthcoming...
  3. gr8estbassist

    gr8estbassist Guest

    Oct 9, 2004
    South East
    pm sent
  4. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses

    If that don't float your boat, how about cash?
  5. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    No fair! :p
  6. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
  7. morf

    morf Banned

    Feb 17, 2006
    Sweet rick.
  8. brothernewt

    brothernewt Some people call me the stormtrooper of love...

    Apr 13, 2004
    Happyrock, OR
    slightly off topic... but just for a sec, in the background, I thought I saw the funkiest unloaded 5x10 cab with built in rack spaces above it and a slide of the side... (that's where I caught up). :p
  9. Andy Brown

    Andy Brown Commercial User

    Jul 23, 2004
    Rhode Island
    Founder/Owner: Wing Instruments
    I like the 8-space rack with the grilll on top too.
  10. rayzak


    Jan 13, 2001
    Louisville, KY

    PM me if you're interested in my '57 USA P-bass reissue.:)
  11. I would also be interested in a Jazz ,or P Bass with a "B" size neck..:bassist:
  12. Hemitom


    Oct 12, 2005
    PM Sent
  13. xparis001

    xparis001 Supporting Member

    Jun 10, 2003
    Worcester, ma
    Product Manager, Akai Professional
    pm sent
  14. Masher88

    Masher88 Believe in absurdities and you commit atrocities

    May 7, 2005
    Cleveland, OH
    PM Sent
  15. Paul,

    Still have it?

  16. PM'd

  17. All Pm's replied to.. I think..:eyebrow:
  18. justBrian


    Apr 19, 2002
    Kansas City, MO
    All but me...:bawl:
  19. truckin88


    Oct 18, 2001
    Newburgh, NY
    good lord, I wish I had the rick, just to get offered these trades
  20. panic_striken


    Oct 13, 2005
    Why in the hell would you wanna trade a RIC??? I have had Fenders, Musicmans, Warwicks, Ibanez, and Laklands. My Ric has proven itself to be the most defined of all that I have owned. Whatever tone you want can either be made on the bass controls or at your amp if you just spend the time to explore them. Just my $.02.........

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