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SOLD Trade Feeler: Acme Low B2, Series-I

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Count Bassie, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Okay, I've worked it out and will keep the little booger. Thread is closed.

    I've got an 8 ohm Series-I Low B2 here, and I'm not sure it's my cup of slough... still working it out, but I thought I'd see what interest might be generated by it. Anyone might be interested in it, I could entertain trades.

    It's a nice, full-sounding cab, very high-end in fact. Beautiful, even! I'm just used to something else, and it takes more power than I've got available to really make it bellow. It's in very good shape, very clean, and functionally just fine. I used it at a large gig with FOH, and it was very present for monitoring.

    I'd consider trades in the New England area for a decent 215 cab, a GK neo 210, or similar. Thanks for your looking in...
  2. Count, do you know if this is two 16-ohm in parallel or two 4-ohm in series?
    Carpet, or ?? finish?
    Are you a 2nd owner?
  3. Will look at wiring tonight...
    At least 2nd owner. Seems solid, in good physical shape though.
  4. Hmm... does this mean to say the cab could be wired to 2 ohms?

    I've been powering the Acme with an SWR SM 400s... at 8 ohms the SM 400s puts out 400 watts (according to the 'Vintage Gear' section of the SWR web site). It's enough to make my 8 ohm Acme Low B2 'go', but "conventional say-so" says I need a little more available power to make it really do its thing in a med-loud live setting.

    I play in a reggae band, and volume at those gigs isn't the thing really, just lots of low-end presence. For the rock gigs, I need to be louder and more mid-present than I can currently achieve. For upright, with a Fishman Bass Platinum EQ box in front of the SWR (as a power section), it seems a little lacking...

    I'm not sure if the SWR will want to play at 2 ohms, I've asked elsewhere on the forum.
  5. Two 4-ohm in series will re-wire to a 2-ohm parallel load.
    The problem here is the crossover is looking for an 8-ohm woofer.

    Yes, the amps say they support 2-ohms.
    No, I don't do this, because this is the hardest mode on the amp (along with bridge).

    The benefits is all parallel wiring is quite a bit louder for a given knob setting.
  6. I see. I'll surely check it out tonight. Thanks bagvin.
  7. sears


    Aug 7, 2005
    ec, md
    exactly what I'm looking for another of but I don't feel like driving up there..
  8. The 400s has 500w bridged at 4ohms. Bench tests on my old units back in the day showed them stronger, slightly... (580w or so). When a stereo amp is bridged, each side sees HALF of the total ohm load, i.e. Bridged at 4ohms means each of the interior amps is runnin at 2 ohms. I bridged these amps constantly into 4ohms, wit no real ill results, but i would NOT bridge the amp into a 2ohm load. Bridged at 2ohms, each side sees ONE ohm. Prolly not good... Oh... Bump, Rodger! Happy New Year! Hope yer doin well...
  9. Crazy as a loon, but looking up Dave! Thanks for chiming in man. :cool:

    How's the music?
  10. Man, I am in SAME crazy boat... Playin constantly. Big show this weekend. Even I'm nervous! Heh... Still playin same rig. 550x an Goliath Jr. I still want yer 400s. Dang it... Yes, I may be crazy. But I ain't only one... Heh. Wish we were closer. I havva Music Man bass 412 you would really dig.
  11. I could be jealous... busy and nutty in a good way, in another kind of way here. But I'd love to be playing more. I'm starting an orig. project at the house here though, got some enthusiastic players showing up. We'll see if we can move some air in a good direction.

    The 400s has been doing right by me lately. It's a monster for reggae, and an all-around deliverer. I've been talking to a guy here about a trade for his tube head, and it's a leisurely conversation. Neither of us are trying to throw our amp out the window! But I'd do a trade for the right tube head. Not much else these days. We'll see.

    Lemme know if you come east, we'll pow-wow over a couple brews, maybe I'll have a look at that 412 and see if I can snick it off you!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.