SOLD Trade Feeler: Schecter Ultra Bass for Fender Jazz

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bassphreak, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. I have a 2004/2005 Schecter Ultra Bass (Ultrabass) that I am considering trading. It is in perfect condition. This one has the inverted headstock and has a very retro look. Tone and feel are excellent but it is much different tone than the Fender Jazz. This does have a thin, jazz type neck.

    These are now discontinued so I am struggling with the decision to let it go. I've only seen 2 of these pop up on eBay and haven't seen any here.

    Have a guitar research bag for it.

    If I were to sell outright I would be looking for $500 shipped. They would go for about $650 new. Primary reason is that it is in excellent condition, new black beauties, bag and it's ultra rare.

    The specs from MF:

    The Schecter Ultra Bass has a body and headstock shape all its own-a retro modern vibe. Its neck has a fast feel and Ultra Access design gives free access to the top of the fingerboard. Mahogany body with thick center, set maple neck give it great resonance and tone, and EMG-Hz pickups with 2-band active EQing give it a strong, versatile voice. A really nice axe!

    Schecter Ultra Bass Features:

    * Mahogany body with raised center
    * Set maple neck with Ultra Access
    * 34" scale
    * Rosewood fingerboard
    * 22 jumbo frets
    * EMG-Hz pickups
    * Active 2-band EQ
    * Master volume, blend, high tone, low tone controls

    What I am looking for (FENDER):

    ++++ GAS for a MIA jazz deluxe (but probably can't come up with the extra cash)
    +++ primarily interested in a Geddy.
    +++ still love the jaguar
    ++ highway one jazz would be be seriously considered
    + jazz deluxe (MIM) or CIJ jazz

  2. closer pic of the body - front and back
  3. Updated the original post to include a possible price. I found a highway 1, geddy and jag, but none are interested in a trade. I'm asking $500 shipped. This bass is in excellent condition, and very very rare. Thanks for looking.
  4. Bump since there is a Geddy and Jag on the classifieds.

    I would be willing to include a Sansamp Bass Driver DI with the Schecter for a total shipped price of $550 while there is a Geddy and Jag around for my Fender GAS.
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