Trade Fender Vintage 66 Reissue J MIJ for Lakland Bob Glaub P?

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  1. I've been considering trading my MIJ Fender Vintage 66 reissue White with pearl inlays Jazz for a p bass. I got an offer for a Lakland Bob Glaub P bass. Never played Lakland but wanted some opinions before having this guy drive out.

    Edit: Put a photo of each on here.

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  2. I assume this is a Skyline Glaub? For me it would depend on a few things. Do you know what year the Glaub was made?

  3. Yes, the skyline. He said the serial shows 2008
  4. I believe that is the Glaub that is being sold on this forum as well. It is Korean made which I think is good but it's a later one with the Lakland NeoPunch Precision pickup. It is much more modern sounding so keep that in mind. If it was in mint condition it might be a fairly even trade but that one has alot of wear and epoxy was used to add new strap buttons. The quality will be high and the neck is probably great but I would not do the trade myself without some cash coming as well. An older one (2005 and earlier) in nice shape would be a great trade. This would be good it's just not "even" IMO.
  5. Thanks for the info. Do you know how much the Glaub's sell for new? I cant seem to find that info.
  6. Since Bob Glaub is no longer a signature artist they call that model the 44-64 which might be why you can't find info. They sell for around $1000 and routinely sell used for around $650-750. The older Korean ones tend to sell for a tad more and come with Fralin pickups which I believe are a huge step up. I would value the one you were offered much lower due to condition. But that is just my opinion others might disagree I would say that your bass has to be worth around $650 at least and the Glaub would be closer to $500-550.
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    It's not a bad trade at all. I think the J is a slightly more valuable instrument at the moment, but not by much. I had one of those white 66 Jazz reissues and I remember street price being around 1100 new. Which is close to what the Lakland goes for. The Jazz is kind of a rare bass though, I think less than 100 were sent to the U.S. Mine was nice, but it wasn't an AMAZING bass by any means.
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  8. Hmmm the headstock says Designed in Chicago, crafted in Korea. Would that change your opinion? Also any opinion on possible appreciation in value of the reissue jazz being it is so rare in North America? (134 sent over)

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  9. The Glaub being made in Korea is a plus but it's a late model Korean build which means it has the Lakland pickup instead of the Fralin which could be OK if you like it but I feel the Fralin is a better pickup. If it's the bass I am thinking then it's for sale here and it has a bunch of wear. It was also drilled for a thumbrest and chrome pickup cover. The strap buttons were swapped and whoever did it put a ton of epoxy in there. It was sold on this forum awhile back. Because of all of that I would think that it's value is lower than the jazz. That said if you play it and like it then go for it. The necks are pretty nice on those.

    I have no idea what the value of the jazz would be. I threw that $650 out there as a wild guess.

  10. Yeah i searched and it was the one sold on here. Ill put some thought in to it. Thanks for the info.
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    I happen to disagree with Johnny.....I have never seen a Glaub (or 44-64) sell for as low as he says...ever.

    The lowest I have seen is around the $650 mark....regardless of where they are made.....

    That being said, I am (personally) more of a Fralin/ Hanson Vintage pickup fan myself...the neopunch is pretty modern sounding.

    These can come with a Jazz or P bass neck might want to ask if you like the J neck profile just to make sure.

    good luck!
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    There is Lakland Glaub in the classified with a selling price of $600, I dont know how much your
  13. Right...and that is what I said. They sell from $650-750. I put 650 on the low end. It is pretty easy to pick up a Glaub in the $700 range. Black is one of the more common ones to find and in rough condition I would not value it at anywhere close to $650 because they are easy enough to find in decent condition. If it was older and had a Fralin I would put a little more value on it myself.

    I am talking about the current market. There have been times when sales were much stronger and maybe I wouldn't see this one going for this low but I think that his jazz is worth more than this Glaub in that condition.