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    Nov 30, 2010
    After doing a trade - the person received my bass and he received mine - the same day he had my bass he messaged me saying that he was sending the bass back the following week. He didn't even ask if it was ok with me to send back. Just straight up 'I am sending this back'. He just cited that he thought his bass was greater value and thus just wanted to return. He said he would pay for shipping of the bass back and forth so I am fine with that and in the end I will do this because he is pining over his bass but this trade has just made me realize to not do trades in the future or be very cautious of them.

    In our discussions there was not mention of a returned policy and I have always assumed that is how trades work. Thus, there is a liability of never being able to play a bass and if it is not what you wanted then you are kind of S.O.L.

    Not sure how many other TB'ers out there had someone of similar experience as far as returns go. But from what I noted - I thought trades were just that - one bass goes to the one person and the other goes to the other and unless there is something seriously wrong like the bass is completely messed up then that is the end of that deal.
  2. Do you like the bass you received? If yes, then keep it.

    Tell the other trader to pound sand.

    Send a message to the admins detailing the issue and that you have done nothing out of line on your side; in part to protect yourself from bogus negative feedback.

    Keep it! He has no right to jerk you around. Sounds like he is trying to game the system.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    Thanks for the feedback! In regards to his bass - yes, I do like it otherwise I wouldn't have done the trade in the first place. However, I feel that even if I didn't like it, I don't think I would contact the other person and tell them that I don't like it and just say I am sending it back. It's basically a pretty jerk move. There is the liability that one has to assume in doing trades like this. I can understand if I was running a music shop - but I am not. So anyway, thanks for you input again.
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    I don't understand why you agreed to trade back.
  5. Yeah, point taken about you liking the bass. I guess I was just trying to confirm that you were 100% good with the trade.

    Anyway, if the only issue the other guy has is him thinking you got the best from a "worth" stand point, that's on him.

    I too would be a little miffed if he messaged me dictating what we were going to do about his problem.

    Keep the bass.

    I don't do trades here anymore, people just trying to unload their junk or straight up rip you off.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    I agree with you. I only agreed because he was just pining on how he wanted his bass back. I am 100% good with the trade and thought the deal was done once when both basses were in our hands but was stunned when I messaged him about if he got my bass and he messaged back saying that he was sending it back on Monday. I can understand why you don't trades any more. Thanks for your input.
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    Nov 30, 2010
    I only agreed because he was just so much wanted his bass back and then said he would pay shipping etc. I guess I was in dismay that this has happening.
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    I just answered you at the HD but will post it here as well.
    There is no rule stating "no tradebacks allowed." In fact it's the general unspoken rule that if one party is dissatisfied with the trade, returning the items (at their cost) is the standard way things go; this is fairly common- it's a courtesy we would all like extended to ourselves if dissatisfied with a trade. So long as your item is returned to you in a timely fashion and in the exact condition it was sent in, it would not be considered a bad trade at all.

    That being said, you are clearly under no obligation to return an item to another user. For example, if they were dissatisfied with a trade and you were happy with it and refused to trade back, we wouldn't allow them to leave you negative feedback. If they sent your item back without asking you first, you wouldn't be obliged to trade back or pay to send the item back to them a second time (this is of course if the item was received in mint condition- a damaged/malfunctioning item should understandably be returned immediately).
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    Nov 30, 2010