Trade: Mesa M-2000 for M-Pulse 600(!!)

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  1. A straight across trade for this well cared for, feature laden rig. One of the finest hand-made heads on the market today. Fresh tubes, footswitch incl, original packaging. I don't need this many options and variables but I'm sure you do (!) This bass amp has served me very well and I take exceedingly good care of my gear; no hassles guaranteed. Ten million tones to be had but I'm really more of a "plug n' play" kinda guy.

    (Not the actual unit)
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    Feb 6, 2002
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    How much would you want for the head?
  3. enough to buy a used M-pulse 600 I 'spose? I can't be w/o a head so if no one takes me up on this, I will go and find one then sell my M-2000.