Trade: my Fretless J-bass (modded) for an American P or PJ

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  1. I have a Black (white pickguard) 2001 MIM Fretless Fender Jazz Bass in near-mint condition with a few cool mods. It has the Fender chrome pickup cover (over the neck pickup), and the electronic cavaties and pickguard have been completely shielded. Other than that it is a great stock J. I'll also throw in a black-pearloid pickguard if you like (I didn't quite like the all-black look personally). I could have pictures up in about a week, I lent out my digicam.

    I'm looking for great playing American or Japanese P or PJ (any year, probably any color)

    Just e-mail me anything you'd think I'd be interested in.
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  3. This bass will be going to ebay if I don't get any interest soon.
  4. How much cash do you want for it?
  5. I'd like to get $295 for it