Trade: my loaded Warmoth Jazz for a nice P or P/J-Bass

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  1. You can read in detail about this bass here:

    Here's the breakdown:
    Neck: Warmoth maple jazz with inlays (very fast and great vintage look, just a hint of flamed-maple shines through)
    Bridge: Gotoh 201 Gold
    Body: Warmoth Swamp Ash JBass
    4-String, String-through setup
    Pickups: two Dimarzio DP123 (with a switch for series or parallel wiring)
    Shaller tuners
    Conductive paint sheilds all cavaties

    It is as pictured, except I changed the bridge for a gold gotoh bridge (gave it a lot more punch than the badass). It is simply wired with only tone control & master volume, has a wonderful sound and was made with great parts. The pickguard is scratched up a bit since the pictures, and it has a dent in the pickup cavity shield (I never got a new one because I love the way it looks now). I'll get a new pic in the next couple of days, but I thought I would post this now to get it out in the water.

    I'm looking for a nice fender P or P/J, i want to trade it so it is a good deal for both parties, I have about $900 invested in this, not including all the money in finishing and time wiring it to my tastes. I want to trade up or equally.