Trade only: Ampeg PF-500 for ??

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  1. I'm wanting to trade my PF500 for something...different. I have an SVT if I want ampeg sound. I've really been looking at Genz shuttlemax series, aggie stuff, and small markbass stuff. I'll consider anything really. I could come up with cash on my end for the right deal if it's not a straight trade. Don't want to sell outright and I have no problem hanging on to this thing.

    It has a scratch the size of a quarter on the top from when my gui**** put it in his van against something that rubbed the paint off. I put a sticker over it. One of the buttons on the back has sunk into the case. I know it's been discussed here and is an easy fix, I just never have because I don't use that feature. The button still works. I can get pics this weekend when I have access to it for any interested parties.

    I would also prefer an in-person trade local to Philly. I don't want to deal with a shipping hassle. Thanks for looking.
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    Hi. I have a ShuttleMax 12.2, and we can work out a meetup (I have relatives in Wilmington who'd love to see me!) Message me about the cash and such, if you're interested.
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  5. Morning bump. Toss me some offers.