Trade Only SX Maple on Maple fretless Neck for Fretted

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  1. I have a perfect SX old headstock lined fretless neck, maple on maple that I wish to trade for a fretted neck. First choice would be a rosewood board but open to maple also.
    We could trade loaded or not.
    I would even trade for another brand of neck but no new style headstock SX, they are just ugly.
    This neck plays great just need a fretted neck on it so I can leave it at my coffee shop as a shop bass for others to play and fretless is not the way to go.
  2. Would also consider trading basses. I need a fretted bass for my coffee shop for people to use if needed.

    What ya got to trade?
  3. TRob1293

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    Feb 1, 2008
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    Interested... Blocked? Jazz or P neck?
  4. It is a p neck lined
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    I would realy like to find a fretted bass in same condition to swap with this one to save posible compatability problems so don't be afraid to make offers.
    Bottom line is ending up with a well playing bass with frets for others to play.

    This bass plays and looks wonderful.


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  9. Ordered a neck. This neck will be for sale when it gets pulled.
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