trade Spector for a Fender??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by masterFunk, Oct 4, 2001.

  1. I found the most gorgeous jazz 5 ever at a music store today.

    It is the 50th anniversary edition. one of 500 made.

    basically, It is american standard jazz 5 with Gold hardwares and and a flame maple top and back.
    pau fero board
    White pic guard
    vintage brown burst.
    volume volume tone...
    I think it is made in 96. so it is a NOS
    I wish I had a picture..

    sounds amazing..
    Sounds like a Fender... I've been searching for that fender tone these days, since I am starting to love that punch....

    I am kind of in a tight situation with money right now.. so I don't know.. should I give up my spector?

    what do you guys think?

    By the way they are selling it for $850
  2. MrFortuneCookie

    MrFortuneCookie Guest

    Aug 23, 2000
    New York, NY
    US spector, i say keep the Spector.
  3. flipperwhite

    flipperwhite Guest

    Jul 12, 2001
    :eek: DEAR GOD NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!calm down man,take a deep breath and don't move.....I'm going for help..............NINO!! NINO!!!get in here right now!!! we have a sitiuation on our hands!!:( .................................................................................THUD! (Flipper faints)
  4. I also say no. It's just a Jazz 5 with a flame maple top.
  5. Offbase

    Offbase Guest

    Mar 9, 2000
    Can't think of a new Fender I'd trade a U.S. Spector for ...
  6. * Wafts strong coffee to masterFunk*

    I have a Czech Spector and an American Precision Special (the 80's one). There's no way I'd trade a Spector (even my Czech one!) for a Precision - even a brand spanky new MIA one !!!

    But this is just my opinion - you gotta do it your way!!! Oh yeah, sorry about the coffee thing!
  7. Pacman

    Pacman Layin' Down Time Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 1, 2000
    Omaha, Nebraska
    Endorsing Artist: Roscoe Guitars, DR Strings, Aguilar Amplification
    If you like it more than your spector, I say go for it. You'll certainly never regret having a Fender Jazz. But value is up to you. If you have a Euro spector, why not?
  8. chipmolter

    chipmolter Guest

    Aug 27, 2001
    Baltimore, MD
    Whatever floats your boat. I have no doubt at all that you could find someone to buy your Spector for $850.
  9. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    If you're really into the J bass <font size=1>(keep the Spector, for Gods sake)</font>, I'll buy that Spector off of you for $850. I've seen those J V's you're talking about & they are nice, <font size=1>(keep the Spector, for Gods sake)</font>, but come on, a USA Spector retails for $4400.(Sells in stores for around $3000) You don't see something wrong w/that equation? <font size=1>(keep the Spector, for Gods sake)</font>,

    $3000=$850? <font size=1>(keep the Spector, for Gods sake)</font>,
  10. I had a good night sleep and had a cup of coffee in the morning and thought about what I was about to do...

    I grabed my spector and gave it some work out.. then I said, what was I thinking...

    I really like J V.. but I think I am not going to trade my spector for it.. I might just buy it and hell with the pecuniary consequences..
  11. MrFortuneCookie

    MrFortuneCookie Guest

    Aug 23, 2000
    New York, NY
    That's the Spirit :D
  12. ThunderStik

    ThunderStik Guest

    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    That was a close one! This is why we keep trained professionals on hand for times of crisis and temporary insanity. Good work guys, except for that guy that said get the fender he really needs our help also.:p :)
  13. DarkMazda

    DarkMazda Guest

    Jun 3, 2000
    man!! i wanted that Spector! ;)
  14. air_leech


    Sep 1, 2000
    like someone here said: "whatever floats your boat".

    it doesnt matter how much it cost, you should own only an instrument you like, wether the instrument you like is valued at 850 or 3000 dollars it should appeal to you for it's playability and sound, there is no good at a 3000 dollar bass that doesn't have the tone or feel that you are after.

    I'm not saying Fenders are inferior to Spector (hmmm....) but rather meaning that after the "new instrument hype" is over you will miss your Spector a lot even though you will be satisfied with the Jazz.

    I think that you should rather "stretch" a bit with the money or take a loan to buy the Fender rather than sell the Spector (hey! you can give up food for a month, you will be too busy to eat playing the new bass anyway).

    remember: you only played it at the store for a short time, only after a few months of owning the guitar and playing it in various situations will you be able to really judge and make a sensible objective opinion on that bass.
  15. RAM

    RAM Guest

    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    Okay...RAM to the rescue!!!:D:D

    So, you want the Fender. Go get it! You want to trade your Spector? That's just plain ol' wrong!

    Rule #1: NEVER trade a unique bass like that! You'll evenutally regret it!!!

    Rule #2: If there's another bass that you absolutely HAVE to have, find alternative ways to get it...steal it if you have to (of course I'm kidding), but never trade an instrument or sell it outright!!!

    Here's what happens if you get that Fender: you'll like or even love your Fender. But, you'll get ripped off, financially, and end up wishing you still had that Spector!

    Rule #3: If you ignore the above rules, I'll outbid Nino by $50 and give you $900 for that US Spector NS-4 of yours (depending on the condition, of course).
  16. ThunderStik

    ThunderStik Guest

    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    I thought we had this settled. There will be no more talk of "boat floating" or "spector -fender" trades, this is just madness pure madness I say. If you are one of those "get the fender" type people then your vote don't count ( you did get the memo right?). If I remember correctly ther is an ancient chinese prophecy about a man that traded a spector for a fender, I cant remember the whole thing but it was something about his "wee-wee" drying up and falling off.

    Im sorry its friday and (james brown voice on) "I FEEL GOOD HEEEEY" ( JB voice off)
  17. flipperwhite

    flipperwhite Guest

    Jul 12, 2001
    you bite your tounge young man!we nearly had a major sitiuation on our hands,I feel so verclempt,I had the vapors all night,I just sat i up in a corner holding Sophie (thats my Spector ns' name) she is laying flat in her hardshell case totaly exausted,I'm going to put some new Earnie Balls on her today,that'll make her feel better.:(
  18. RAM

    RAM Guest

    May 10, 2000
    Chicago, IL
    WOW! What a lot of Spector lovers out there!:D I'm one, that's for sure!

    But, my advice to you wasn't joking...I don't recommend trading your Spector for a Fender. I think you'd regret it!

    I made my point not as a Spector advocate (which I obviously am) but as an impartial 3rd party. I once traded a bass and go back and forth quite regularly over whether or not I should have traded in the Modulus for a Spector. I like the Spector more. That's not the issue. The issue IS that every once in a while, I want a different tone, and the Spector isn't it. I like variety;)

    There was a guy around here a while back who did trade his Spector for a Fender. He had the Spector for a few months but couldn't get used to the sound. He felt that the Fender was more up his alley in feel and sound. That's fine. The Spector sound doesn't have to be for everybody.

    I still believe, however, that trading one bass for another is a quick way to losing money and a slow way to wish you still had what you once did.

    Think about it;)
  19. Mr. Dead

    Mr. Dead Guest

    Jul 11, 2000
    Phoenix, Arizona area
    Are You F*$#!"n nuts???
  20. ThunderStik

    ThunderStik Guest

    Jun 25, 2001
    Claremore OK.
    Are You F*$#!"n nuts???

    Yeah -- what he said.