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Trade: Squier 5-String P for Mustang

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Sammy Camden, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Just thought I'd mention that I'm looking to swap this bass, plus some $s for a nice reissue Mustang. I would really like to find one. This is an excellent Squier P-5. You wouldn't be disappointed.


    My constant bouts with arthritis flareups have finally convinced me that I need to quite playing 5-string basses.

    I would like to work a trade with some interested in a very nice Squier Standard P-Deluxe-5 for a recent reissue Fender Mustang.

    This Squier is in virtually new condition: no dents, gouges, deep scratches, etc., anywhere. There are some very fine surface scratches in a few places; these occur just handling an instrument, but are not very noticeable. It plays very well, the neck is smooth and fast. Sound is great with the upgraded neck pup (see below).

    The bass is a 2005 model Squier Standard P-Deluxe-5, Antique Burst finish with T-Shell guard. I've had quite a bit of work done on this bass by my local luthier, as follows:
    - Changed the controls from VOL-VOL-TONE to VOL-PAN-TONE
    - Upgraded all pots and the jack to U.S. components
    - Replaced the small, dark dot markers on the side of the neck with larger, brighter ones like those found on U.S. Fenders.
    - Cleaned up the nut to stop string binding
    - Replaced the neck pickup with a Seymore Duncan SJB-5N
    - Added: *GHS flatwounds (also comes with extra sets of GHS and D'Addario), *Schaller strap locks, *Jazz Bass chrome pup cover over the neck pup to facilitate using a pick, *Thumbrest, *Levy's deluxe gig-bag, *Leather strap with Schaller locks

    If interested, I can take some pictures and send them. Thanks for looking.
  2. BTTT!

    Just to get another shot at maybe finding someone.


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