TradeTang EB-2 Copies?

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  1. Hey everyone, I feel dumb for asking this...but does anyone here have any good experiences with buying basses from TradeTang? I've looked around at the "Rickenfaker" copies since a lot of users on here talk about them, but I saw they have copies of the EB-2.

    So has anyone bought a bass from TradeTang (EB-2, Rickenbacker, etc) that was successfully delivered with no issues? And are they decent when setup professionally? Are there any sellers on TradeTang who aren't scammers and can be trusted? I know this seems stupid to ask, but I was really curious to know if anyone has had a positive experience with them.

    Here's the link to the EB-2 copy:
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  3. I guess this was a stupid question to ask...
  4. ShiftyShift


    Mar 12, 2012
    To ask about exact copies of rare/expensive basses on TB will probably get you viciously bashed. So, my suggestion is, don't ask about 'em.
  5. SlingBass4


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    WORD ;)
  6. I definitely don't want to get bashed on here...I like this place lol. So now I know what not to say:bag: And ShiftyShift I agree with you! This wasn't the coolest/smartest thing to ask about. I'm just a rookie lol Don't ban me guys!:(
  7. dminer


    Nov 26, 2007
    It sure looks tempting. The handrest/pickup cover is in the wrong place as the originals don't cover part of the looks like it's an eb2d copy?.......otherwise it looks pretty nice and I have an original 66 eb-2. Others have been pleased with their rickenfakers from TT. They did have a 4005 on there for a time...but the pictures were stolen from another website....wrote them several times to try and get a pic of the actual bass they were selling and I got no response....still, a 4005 copy was pretty darned tempting.
  8. It definitely does look tempting. But just to play safe, I'll save up for an ebony Jack Casady Bass. I don't want to get scammed or get blacklisted on TB either lol. But those copies totally look tempting.
  9. InLeoWeTrust


    Nov 11, 2009
    Word to the wise: if you decide to cause one of these trademark-infringing "instruments" to be imported into the US, and it is caught by a Customs inspector, YOU could be held civilly and/or criminally liable for it.

    Carry on. . .
  10. Yep it did look like an EB-2D copy, minus the baritone switch and the mini-humbucker was a lot closer to the neck pickup.
  11. Definitely don't want to be arrested or anything. I think I learned my lesson when asking something totally ridiculous like this.
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    I'm not interested in buying a fake fom someone on TT, but some of these folks will make you a custom order. I want this LoBue copy (LoBue no longer is around), and they may be able to build me the neck and body for me. I would do the rest.