Trading 6 Out of 7 Basses for Dream Car?

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  1. As I posted back in May of this year, I finally "retired" from steady gigging (22+ years of that with the same band), after roughly 31 years total of gigging. I've had a lot happen to me personally to force me to make the decision to quit gigging. For starters, I recently got a promotion at work that I've been after for years that requires more hours/responsibilities, and I've had major back surgery. Since recovering, I've taken up a hobby that requires a lot of money. The hobby? Taking my car (BMW E60 M5) to the track, when weather permits.
    And, as I did in the music world, I've made a few friends. And, one of those friends also happens to be a bassist/collector. And, he also happens to own one of my all-time favorite dream cars that I've wanted since they hit the showroom floor in 1987. Bottom line: He wants 5 out of the 7 basses that I own (see my profile), in exchange for the car. At this time, value-wise, the car will increase like crazy in the years to come. And, I would also presently be coming out ahead in the trade, when it comes to the basses he wants, versus the current value of the car. He seems hell-bent on doing this trade. But, of course I'm kinda having hesitations on pulling the trigger. After all, I've owned these basses for 20 years, give or take. So, they're somewhat part of me. Since I've completed my collection of basses that I consider perfect for me, I haven't made another purchase. I'd also like to add that I've had probably a 1/2 hour playing time on my basses since October. Playing just doesn't interest me that much as of late.
    The car is a 1988 BMW M3, in pristine condition with some very expensive mods that can be reversed to return it back to 100% original. And, like the majority of my basses, this car is highly desirable. I know that some of you on here just don't appreciate a machine like this with superior design, and engineering. I'm leaning pretty damn far towards doing this. But, I'd like to know what everybody's opinion is on this just for the hell of it, as it's obviously a pretty big financial decision. After all, I'm gonna do what I'm gonna do. Well? Speak up!
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    I'm a car guy from the 60s. GTO GTX anything Hemi! While I'm not into Bemers I get it. My 06 G&L 2500 will be with me forever the story behind it is long, but if I had in offer on the table for a 64 GTO or a 67 GTX it would be gone in favor of the Rod. No contest!
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    To give you the short version.
    My M O L was on her death bed when I went down to get coffee at 3am when I returned my wife said you were gone a long time what did you buy? I said I purchased the 5 string why did you do that mom who had not talked in a day or so look up and said cause he doesn't want to be laying here some day wishing he had bought that bass. I am happy for she told me. Her last words she died the next day.
    So the bass is special but gone for the hot rod!
  4. I'm with ya on that. I was into the muscle cars big time in high school. As a matter of fact, I owned a '66 GTO convertible back then. Love that tire smoke. I ended up selling it over a girlfriend. She's not around anymore, either.:hyper:

    QUESTION TO ALL: Why doesn't my threads show up every time on the homepage after I post it? It's been doin' that since the website revamp.
  5. Okay, disclaimer; the only BMW I like is the 1979 M1. I don't understand why you'd want an 88' M3, but whatever floats your boat. I'm a JDM tuner kind of guy in any case.

    That being said, considering the fact that you're coming out on top, and that the car will only increase in value, you have a question still unanswered... are any of the basses rare/difficult to repurchase in the future, and how much do you love any of the basses that fit in that criteria of rare?
    If you can re purchase these basses or similar basses in the future then... why not?
    But if you'll never get your hands on another... you have a hard decision to make.
  6. Here's my current basses. I think I'd be keeping either the Carvin 5'er, or my "wife" bass, a mid-80's Jazz Bass Special that's been gigged to death. That thing has been to war with me, and it shows big time. It REALLY has a place in my heart, for sure. I'd put pics up, but they're not on my new computer. I'll get 'em up first chance I get.

    Pre-Gibson Tobias Classic 5
    1961 J-Bass (Oh, she's been played hard, alright. But original)
    1971 J-Bass (Modded w/Badass Bridge, I have original bridge)
    1975 J-Bass (Modded w/Badass Bridge)
    Mid-80's Jazz Bass Special (mint)
    Mid-80's Jazz Bass Special (Plays like a wet dream, gigged to death, and it shows)
    Carvin LB75 Koa (One of my very best players)
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    I think your Basses are probably worth more than the BMW is, but if it's what you're after then go for it.
  8. This car is valued at 30k-32k. Hell, maybe even more. It had a frame-off restoration 2 years ago So, I'd be doin' okay in the deal.
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    I am a BMW guy.....I am not sure an 80s M3 is gonna gain much value....They made too many. The basses are a better investment ( at least the first two) but whatever makes you happy!! If you can find a M1 it would be something else!!
  10. A couple of those basses you'd never really be able to get back... damn, this is a predicament!
    If it was me I'd look around first; I just found a Silver M3, 1988 also, 100,000 kilometers/approx 62,000 miles, manual, for just over 12k USD. It's in Japan though. A black, automatic model, with 73,000km/43,000m runs just under 3k, also in Japan. Both are all stock in very good condition as far as I can tell from pics. Add extra for shipping...

    I'll send you links if you'd like.
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    I sold off quite a few basses and gear last year to buy a bassboat. It wasn't easy but it was what I wanted. None of my basses were as nice as yours but they were not junk either.iIf it makes you happy do it. I have no regrets

  12. I've seen the value on these particular cars raise a pretty good amount over the past 2 years, or so. Recently, one sold for $62,000.00. It was in mint condition with only 23,000 miles on the clock. I wanna snatch a nice one before prices shoot thru the roof. And, it seems vintage J-Basses have dropped a hair, and vintage P-Basses seem to be goin' up in price. Huh, I'm glad I'm not a P-Bass kinda guy.
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    I'm into 80's M3's. One of my all time favourite cars. True drivers car. But...if your main reason is investment it is a bad choice. When I was seriously into them 12 years ago they were selling for the identical pricing they are now. They have not gone up in all. Too many of them were made. Yes, the odd one goes for high dollars but the market is flat for them on whole. They are very expensive to fix as you probably know, so if you plan to race this one be prepared. The only tempting thing for me would be the frame off resto which is a nice add if the work was done properly. I collect both cars and good instruments. But rarely am I into both at the same time. Typically, one hobby overseeds the other depending on time of year. During the winter I am more into instruments and think I should sell one of my cars and buy ( name vintage instrument). Then during the summer when I am restoring and driving cars I think, " Man if I sold that vintage Fender I could get that ( name 60's Mopar). So far, I haven't been swayed but I have been close.

    My best advice ( though it is hard to do....and no fun) If you can just give it some time. If you can wait till Spring and if you still feel the same way.....get the car.