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Tragically Hip

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Comakazi, Dec 6, 2001.

  1. Comakazi


    May 3, 2001
    Midwest US
    Ok, not sure if I spelled it right, but does anybody know much about these guys? Am I totally behind the curve on tuning in to them?

    I was watching a rerun of SNL on Comedy Central and these guys were the musical guests, and I really liked what I heard! I had never heard of them, although do remember hearing the name, but I was getting into what I was hearing!

    How many albums do they have? Have they been around a while? What do you guys think of them?
  2. jazzbo


    Aug 25, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Seeing as how I'm tragically unhip, I'll send this to MISC. where you may get more responses.
  3. RockFiend


    Aug 23, 2000
    They are from Canada, and have been around since the late 80's. They have somewhere near the 8-10 album range. I would reccomend downloading our even jsut straight up purchasing of "Fully Completely", I believe this album is from 1992 or so. It is a wonderful cd, and if you dug whatever songs they played on that SNL rerun you'll dig that. If you jsut want to dload some songs to get introduced "New Orleans is Sinking", "Looking For a Place to Happen" and "Scared" are some favourites. Give em a listen,
    good luck (and if you are wondering where you heard of them before, you may have seen their latest single from last year sometime "Music at Work" on MTV or MuchMusic for that matter)
  4. Comakazi


    May 3, 2001
    Midwest US
    Ahhhhhhh, cool, thanks. I'm definitely going to check that out! :)
  5. It's amazing. The Hip are absolutely HUGE in Canada and yet are fairly obscure in most of the States... They certainly have a Canadian-ness about them that maybe doesn't translate to the US mass market. I dunno... They're a household name in Canada. They've sold out every big arena in the country many times. The Hip have 8 studio records: The Tragically Hip, Up to Here, Road Apples, Fully Completely, Day for Night, Trouble at the Henhouse, Phantom Power and Music at Work. Plus a live album and a bunch of video stuff.
    My faves are Up to Here, Road Apples, Fully Completely and Day For Night. They're pretty creative and cool and really nice guys to boot. I've met them all multiple times and they're always very cool and down to earth. The website's www.thehip.com . Cheers.
  6. I'm from Canada and it surprised the hell out of me to hear someone say they hadn't heard of The Hip :eek:.
    Great band, download the killerwhaletank version of "New Orleans Is Sinking", you'll get a good laugh.