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  1. Joe Nerve

    Joe Nerve Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2000
    New York City
    Endorsing artist: Musicman basses
    This hasn't happened to me in a while, and I'm having a rough time shaking it. Wanna know how you guys deal with this kind of stuff....

    In my cover band last night I panicked and lost it completely. We do Flavor of the Week. We used to do it in drop D tuning, but a little more than a month a go started doing it in regular tuning. Didn't play it for a couple of weeks, forgot how I relearned it... and once the song started I was a gonner....

    I panicked, and totally lost it for the about 30 seconds of the song. I was clueless - completely blanked out as if I never heard the song before in my life. Got it together with the help of my guitarist.

    I don't want this to ever happen again. If it ever does I think I'm gonna fake my bass goin dead or something.
  2. Been there before, not fun...:( I noticed usually in a bar or club type situation, the mix is usually so mudded up that the crowd would not even notice.

    BTW faking a loose cable does help.:D
  3. Well Joe, if it makes you feel any better, we've ALL done it at one time or another.

    My short story:

    I was gigging with a house band on Bourbon St. in New Orleans. One of the tunes we did, and did at least once every night the entire time I did that gig, was Stevie Wonder's "I Wish". I'd been doing the gig for at least a year, and the band leader called it one night....I blanked. Total mind fart. :eek: Seeing as the tune starts with the bass, it wasn't a total disaster, we just didn't play the tune, I just stood there like an idiot for about 30 seconds and he called a different tune. But man, that was not a good feeling, major deer-in-the-headlights experience.
  4. JimK


    Dec 12, 1999
    I totally blanked out on "Beat It"...I knew the damn thing was in "E", so I just pedaled with the OPEN "E" until...
    And just in case the crowd didn't notice, the chick singer let everyone knew by the contorted stare she gave me throughout my gaffe.

    Hey Gard-
    Ever trying playing "I Wish" UP an octave with an (EBS)Octaver pedal?
  5. bizzaro


    Aug 21, 2000
    Joe, I would say the only way to make sure it never happens again is to stop playing. We all know that ain't happenin so get over it! It is scary but you get through it. I think it is kind of funny myself. It's kinda like getting caught with your pants down on stage.
  6. Jim, don'cha just love it when they do that??? :mad: I think it should be a case of justifiable homicide to shoot a singer for that one. :p ;)

    Good idea, no I haven't done that but I bet it would sound killer....:D
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