Trans-Siberian Orchestra show revue

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    Mar 25, 2000
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    Well gang I got to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra last night at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. One heck of a show. For the old timers here, they reminded me of Rick Wakemans Journey to the Center of the Earth Tour. Narrator telling a story with music to embellish. Definately not your standard performance. Excellent light show. Stage washed in smoke. Including the 7 local Sacramento Strings (hired guns) there were 23 people part of the stage performance. The short description would be a Beethoven band with a rock rhythm section throwing in Led Zepplin, ELP, and Golden Earring. The venue was great, all 2000 seats filled. Now the biggest gripe I have about most shows. Although the overall sound was good, the hired string section was barely audible and the freakin bass drum was mixed too blanking loud . The bassist was playing a Geddy Jazz and a Jackson and was mostly buried by the bass drum mix.:mad: :mad: I had no problems hearing the keyboards, guitars and drums, duh. All in all, I would recommend you checking them out, especially if you like classical music.