Travelling abroad for a limited period : Should I rent a bass ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by akjn, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. akjn


    Jun 30, 2019
    Hi guys,

    I'm currently a student in France, I just learned that my school is sending me to Canada (Québec) to spend the last semester of my diploma in January 2020, I'll be back in France around June 2020.

    I don't want to completly stop bass during these few months, but I'm a little concerned about bringing my own bass with me, renting a bass in Canada would be much easier. But I never did a rental, I have no idea how much it would cost, I'd like some help from you guys, I hope some of you can help me !

    P.S: This is my first post here but I've been around since years !
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  2. I reckon there's a few tbers in Quebec who could lend a helping hand.
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  3. Artman

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    Dec 28, 2017
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    Perhaps consider purchasing an inexpensive bass, perhaps even a used entry level one from a reputable builder such as a Squier, Ibanez, Schecter, or similar once you arrive there. Play it during your stay, then put it up for sale or even pawn it before returning home to France.
  4. buldog5151bass

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    Another idea - I assume there is a music department at the school where you are going. Why not contact them? They might have instruments. There also may be a Jazz workshop or similar you might be able to fit in your schedule.
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  5. A benefit for you is $1.00 Euro is about $1.50CAD, so most things should be less expensive for you.

    If you’re going to Montreal, Steve’s Music is the main store.

    You could also check their local Craigslist or Kijiji ads for a low-cost second hand bass.
  6. akjn


    Jun 30, 2019
    I thought about it, this way I won't lose too much money, rental could easily grow few hundred dollars I guess.

    Didn't think about that, I've just googled it and it appears they do have a music department ! I'm gonna contact them, thanks :)

    I forgot to mention that I will be in Matane, and probably won't have the opportunity to travel a lot, at least not by myself. But I'll keep these websites, I may need them anyway, thanks !
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