Traynor Bass Master Mk II?

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  1. Hey all,

    As of last night, I am once again a proud owner of a Traynor YBA-1A Bass Master Mk II. (so that makes 1 xs800+808 / 2 xs400+2 Ampeg 115 / 1 YBA-1A+410) I previously owned this amp, with matching 410 cab, and I sold it to a friend. Now, as a couple of years had passed, I knew that this guy needed some cash, and I offered to buy back my old amp, so score one for the good guys.

    Now my question is, does anybody play one of these? I am looking for info on the web and can't seem to find a whole lot. My side fan is cracked, and although still seems to work should be replaced. The tubes were done 4-5 yrs ago, and I don't know what were put in place. Is it recomended to take the amp apart for cleaning, or should it be left to a amp tech? etc etc...any other info re: this amp would be greatly appreciated.
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    Here's a link to the most comprehensive Traynor info around:

    I've been playing mine for about 10yrs. now (mine's a 1967, so it's a YBA-1), and haven't heard anything (in it's power range) that tops it. My fan is cracked (and noisy!), and i've been on the hunt for a replacement, but they're not easy.. it's an odd size.

    The tubes should be 6CA7 (same as EL34), but you can also run E34L for about 8-10% more power.. Def. see a tech for a re-tube.. it's not a plug n' play situation. These amps are known for running extremely high plate voltages, and foolin' around in there can be deadly.. i wouldn't pull it apart unless you need to.
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    Hey Mark, bring it buy sometime...I'd love to see it, and I can send it to Yorkville for you so it gets re-tubed at the source!