SOLD Traynor Small Block SB115 Bass Combo Amplifier

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    * * * Price dropped to $349! * * *

    Traynor Small Block SB115 Bass Combo Amplifier

    * Only played at home. Mint, like-new condition!
    * 200 watts
    * Lightweight 15-inch Speaker plus Tweeter
    * 4-band EQ with Low Frequency Expander
    * Active & Passive Instrument Level Inputs
    * XLR Balanced D.I Output
    * Tweeter Defeat Switch
    * ¼-inch Headphone Output
    * ¼-inch Auxiliary Input
    * All Metal Chassis
    * Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction
    * Made in Canada
    * Light weight - only 31 pounds!
    * Full specs at SB115 – Traynor Amps
    * Local pickup in Newtown (Danbury), Connecticut

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  2. Commreman

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    This is a great combo, folks. I have the SB 112, and it is amazing.
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  3. Price dropped.
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