Traynor TS 98 For Trade!!!

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  1. A Very Rare Cabinet That I'd Like To Trade To A Bigger Cab, Or Sell Outright.

    Got A Lead On A Mesa Powerhouse 1540 So It Has To Go ASAP!

    $400 O.B.O Shipped

    Speakers Are In Great Shape

    Model Is TS 98

    All Original

    Grey Tolex With Black Cloth Grill And Pipping!

    VERY Conservative Power Rating Of 150W, 28" X 28" X12"

    It Has Handled 5 Times That And Never Broke a Sweat!

    The cab has been getting used with various bass heads. It has held up wonderfully and produced great Powerful tone with any head I've ran through it.

    Great For A Bassist Looking To Downsize.
  2. $400 Obo Shipped.

    Sound Clips Of My Cab On Youtube.

    No Distortion -

    Please Ignore The Camera, It Is not The Greatest In The World.

    Any Buzzing Is Strictly From The Camera, The Cab Has No Issues.
  3. Pic's Of The Drivers!