Traynor YBA-1a Bassmate 2x El84

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    Aug 20, 2006
    EDIT----Please Delete. I have posted this in The Amp Room. Thanks you FranF

    Well I have this nice restored little early 70's tube 'Bassmate' model Traynor. I put a heavy Duty EV Force 15 All purpose
    musical Instrument speaker (200 Watts or thereabouts).

    I bought it as a guitar amp - small, for practice. It sounds
    good, but I really don't need it as I have a different amp for that now.

    How is this amp for Bass? Like, can it do 'Coffee Shop' acoustic sets with , like, a Fender BASS?

    Obviously I'm not looking to rock arenas with Death Metal .

    What is the extent of this little amps capabilities?

    Are these amps good Bass practice amp?

    Am trying to find a reason top keep it( besides that the market is pretty tanked right now).
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    Jul 25, 2004
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    Should be in "Amps" ? Might get noticed better.