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  1. Hello.

    This is my first post on here. I have been playing for roughly 2.5 years. I learned by playing in bands. Previously I kinda half-assed messed aroudn with guitar. I could only play simple riffs of other peoples songs that other peopel taught me (mainly Nirvana and Alice in Chains).

    My current setup is a Dean bass (dont know the model number, the serial starts with D150) I have a SUNN 1200s runnig to an Ampeg BSE410HLF.

    The SUNN breaks up into nasty digititized disortion that I dont like. The cab does not go low enough for me. If I crank the master volume, the cab jsut doesnt output the lowness I want. I want it to be subtle, but brooding.

    The band I play in has 2 guitarists and a drummer. The guitarists are using a 50 Watt (yeah right!) Vox Amp and an original Marshall JCM800.

    We play stoner kidna rock and roll/heavy metal. Some people deem this "hipster metal." Bands like The Sword, High On Fire, Pentagram,Sabbath, Motorhead, Kill 'em All/Ride the lightning era Metallica.

    Its plenty loud and by bass section does cut through. Its deep enough and I can over power the guitars.

    Ic ant seem to get the tone I want. Im going for that Geezer Butler/Pentagram bass sound ona budget. I cant afford a 65 Fender and old school oranges.

    So i have narrowed everything down to a Traynor YBA200 paired up with an Avatar B212 Neo and an Avatar B410 Neo.

    Will the Traynor push both of these cabs or would it be ebter to go with the single 2-12?

    I like my bass to hit low, but maintain a slight growl and a creemy distortion over top (like Geezer butler with a much lower low end).

    Iv also thought about looking into the Aphex Bass Exciter to help extend some lows.

    I thgouth about geting a SansAmp RBI, but listenign to some of the samples and hearing others use it, it just sounds to processed and digitized to my ears. Much like that of a bad or digital distortion stomp box.

    So I am going with a less is more approach. Im asking for anyones opinion on this set up. Could I achieve the sound I am going for with this set up?

    Ive seen nothing but good reveiws on all the above listed products.

    I really want a Matamp or lectric Amp., but its out of my budget for now.

    Other amps I have been lookign at is the Mesa 400+ and Fender/SUNN 300T. In additon is a SUNN 200S whihc I would take over the Traynor if I could find one at a good or next to the price of the Traynor.

    So any opinons?
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    Aug 27, 2006
    I have heard nothing but good remarks on both the YBA 200 and the avatar cabs, and both are pretty good deals considering what you are getting. I think you would be fine with either the 410 or the 212, but then again, both of them together would be nice as well... :) , but if I had to pick just one to play, I'd probably say the 212.
    From what I've heard the YBA is plenty loud so you should have no problem cutting through the guitars and getting the tone you like as well.
  3. I prefer having my Yba push 2 cabs instead of just 1. I find the more speakers it has to run through, the more it comes to life.

    Your cab choice MAY be a bit too modern to get the tone you'd like though.

  4. Excellent. thanks for the reponse.

    I think Im going to go ahead and pick up a 2 12 and add it to my current SUNN rig and see how it sounds. The load with the extra cabient should bring more headroom and a bigger load. But its still solid state.

    I saw a couple of bands last night and all of the bassists had Ampeg 8x10.

    Would the Traynor push an 8x10? And would there be a need to get a nother amp at all?

    Im just scared the Traynor wont be loud enough based on some reviews i have seen.

    Eventually i suppose I could get 2 Traynor's, but right now its not feesible.

    So the bottom line is the Traynor WILL BE loud enough to push through 2 fully amped old school tube half stacks ( 1965 Vox and OG JCM800, Custom Tama Set) and medium sized drumset?
  5. The Traynor with a 212 should be plenty for most applications. Unless your guitarists are going up to 11, it should be fine. However, I would also suggest Ear Candy cabs if you want something smaller and vintage sounding. The ones I have tried seem to pair up well with tube amps and sound pretty good with some mild overdrive. I have a Mesa 400+ and its an awesome amp. It is very versitle and, if you are patient with it, you can dial in many different tones. As for the Ampeg 810, if you can afford and want to carry one around it seems to be one of the best rock cabs since the Bergantino NV line was discontinued. Mesa cabs are also awesome for rock, but they tend to be expensive. The Aguilar DB series impressed me when I tried em out, but they are a bit more expensive and I did not get to push em enough to have a strong conclusion about em.
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