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  1. Hi all. I recently got a yamaha trb 6p on ebay. anyone knwo where i can get a schematic for the controls on this thing.

    Anyone else finding the piezo's to be, well "subtle"?
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    I used to own a neck thru TRB6, and although I loved the sound, I felt that the piezos sucked.
  4. Thanks, but the P is different from the PII. there is a mystery switch that i think turns the piezo's on or off but no blend. I think.
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    Dec 30, 2003
    so can you find anything useful in the website?
  6. no nothing at all
  7. Hi,

    yes, I have a trb-6p and have the same feeling exactly. I have a switch which presumably turns the piezo on or off. I have however hardly noticed the difference between the two.

    The bass sounds very good but the piezo....I dunno.
  8. Hi, the switch is a bass cut.