TRB fretless 5s??

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  1. Hi. As iv said in about...a zillion other posts here, I'm still lookin around for a new bass having shifted my old plank of wood and saved up yadayada. Does anyone know the average going price for the Yamaha TRB5FII fretless? Every search I do I end up at some US site (where surprisingly musical instruments seem to be extortionatly priced:confused: ). amazing how for as much as peeps on the internet try and sell you stuff, you can never find a damn price when ya need one :mad: aside from that anyone know of some REASONABLY priced 5 string fretless's's'ss, preferably active. anyhow, off 2 sleep with me

    any help is greatly appreciated :D

    l8rz all!!!
  2. New? US $1000-1200.

    Used? US $600-800.

    This is for the bolt-on version, right?
  3. Hmm I wasn't aware that there was a choice with regards to the neck, but in that case yes I would imagine id be after the bolt on - im guessing through-body neck would bolster the price somewhat. i was however hopin someone would know the price in pounds. As you say Peter its $1000 upwards from the states, but alot of times iv seen gear that is like, £300 here, and costs about $700-800+ in the states :eek: so i cant really use US prices as a marker. but thanks anyway :)
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    I think I've seen them in the Bass Cellar in Denmark for about £700-800 - but you could try phoning the London shops to see if they have any used ones?

    The Bass Centre in Wapping is a good bet - I'm sure I've seen TRB5s there at various times - the neck-through ones are more expensive - but are very good - pro Quality.

    I paid about £1300 for a TRB6P.
  5. Right, thanks for that. Yeah I will try phoning around, see what they have in the way of used basses. Grrr who would have thought bass shopping would be so hard ;) so far looks like its a tie up between the TRB5FII - if i wanna go fretless, or the RBX775 if i wanna stay fretted - cos it seems more like an edgy rock bass. Iv also been reading some good things about the Ibanez SR406 6 stringers. I think it's lookin like a tie up between those three for sure. All very affordable. Although I'd have to do a bit of research on the Ibanez before I commit. Any opinions? Anyway yeah thanks for the help. Ill get on the ol blower sum time soon!
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    Wel - my opinon is that the TRBs are in a "different class" to the other two you mention - although I preferred the originals to the IIs.

    RBXs are crap in my opinion - and while some Ibanez basses are OK - they depreciate in value horribly in the UK and what you paid £600 new for, will be lucky to fetch £150 in a few years. :(