SOLD Tribute bass wal style

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    Nov 14, 2014
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    This is a tribute to a WAL . It has a flame maple top. The neck is maple with mahogany stripes. 34 inch sscale. This neck neck lacks the weird boat haul shape of the real Wal. The EQ sports to NFP filter preamp with a blend pot and a volume. Pickups are custom hand made 8 coil humbuckers made to wal specs. The knobs are molded off of the real wal eq knobs. Active preamps run off a single 9 volt battery. 1 mono jack only output the direct output is for show only.. This bass sounds and plays exactly like a wal bass to me. The action is fantastic and the neck is fast, However I found that this bass isn't for me. The bass was custom made here in the USA from what I was told. It is lovely, build quality is excellent. But it must go 5E062D89-18A7-45DC-ADFF-3E1DCA241211.jpeg 358B69D2-1C1C-4964-A319-94BE0B869FF1.jpeg 5041CFAE-6DD0-4761-8F70-50654701F7AF.jpeg FE3FAD1B-6701-4F06-8C3F-79C173E05B36.jpeg 22E1FF22-0A5D-41B9-9345-5CC1ED294548.jpeg 649B00F0-D28B-407A-B221-243B52E862A3.jpeg CF4F5121-38F0-45A5-BAF3-E8C382A93D81.jpeg 3D2FC68B-6CCC-4382-AE51-CEAC12E58C31.jpeg 0C48FB89-ABC7-45C0-8C20-6C88AE4C46A8.jpeg
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    Ngl that's pretty rad. GLWTS.
  3. mb94952

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    OMG !!! If I had the $$$ and was looking, I'd snatch this up in a second. Nobody listening won't know it's not a Wal, so who cares ! This is AWESOME !!!
    Why do I torture myself like this ?

    So, looking for any trades, and if so what would make you consider ?
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  4. How much does it weigh? What brand are the pickups and preamp?
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    A lot of work went into this for sure - those pickup covers/housings, knobs, and truss rod covers look 3D printed. That alone must have been painstaking.
  6. mb94952

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    WOW that went FAST. Someone is gonna be getting their Power Windows / HYF on !
  7. mb94952

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    @xhawk5 - Larry, are the new owner ???
  8. mb94952

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    To whomever (whoever ? I never know the difference !) bought this Wal Tribute and it's not your cup of tea, PLEASE give me next dips in line. This was a treat to see !
  9. Very curious about the original builder! Lovely.
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