No longer available Trickfish Bullhead 1K

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  1. Price:
    I got this to replace the M700/Trilobite I've been using, but since there's no bites on those, something's gotta go.

    No issues, sounds amazing, in excellent condition, with a cool little case.

    $950 shipped OBO, PayPal.

    Trades welcome. Please PM offers.

    IMG_20190617_084204.jpg IMG_20190617_084228.jpg IMG_20190617_084217.jpg IMG_20190617_084221.jpg MVIMG_20190617_084208.jpg IMG_20190617_084213.jpg IMG_20190617_084147.jpg MVIMG_20190617_084125.jpg IMG_20190617_084131.jpg IMG_20190617_084234.jpg IMG_20190617_084242.jpg IMG_20190617_084118.jpg
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  2. Marc Pero

    Marc Pero

    Dec 1, 2018
    What didn't you like about the 1k. What are you using instead?
  3. Mainly the impedance not handling lower than 4 ohms. Other annoyances include the little EQ switches resetting every time you power cycle. It is kind of big for such a light amp too. Sounds great, but sometimes I like to push more speakers.

    I'm using a GK Legacy and it has been amazing thus far.
  4. Marc Pero

    Marc Pero

    Dec 1, 2018