SOLD TrickFish SM112 w/Tuki cover

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    Feb 9, 2007
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    I have a Trickfish 112 in great condition. It does show some wear on the metal ends and some very minor blemishes on the Faux leather. It is the cloth grill version, which I think looks the most unique and best.

    only trades I’m really looking for is a TrickFish 208

    $450 shipped and insured. E7E35031-D173-4FBF-B02F-C5A4023FA41A.jpeg C9405304-C384-4BEE-9888-7A58A05EF830.jpeg 9754F30B-A327-4B56-8580-145E6555FB9E.jpeg D027A3C7-8535-4F6B-85BD-61FE6659C205.jpeg 1B014BB7-BACE-4D19-AA79-E1079CD63856.jpeg 41B5E280-1622-40B0-9F1C-C44DB9564431.jpeg
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