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tried out several new rigs recently

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by JoelEoM, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. JoelEoM


    Mar 11, 2002
    Lancaster, PA
    so now that im in san diego, ive had the oppurtunity to check out a bunch of music stores. first and formost, liberty sound, on 53rd...this guy is building his own bass cabs, using x-tealth components, and cabinet designs similar to mass produced versions, i.e. eden, swr. i was really skeptical at first, but after trying out several different models, im highly impressed, mostly by his newest 410. i wish i knew how to effectively describe how this cabinet sounded without using the usual cliches, but...punchy, incredibly deep(i was playing a roscoe 5 thru a 600 tech head, set flat, and not once did the drivers fart out on the B, even when pushing the head) this cab is a bit muddier than a comparable swr or eden d410, but at the same time, his horn is by far the quietest horn ive ever heard. when not playing, and muting the strings, there is absolutely NO noise whatsoever, unlike anything else ive played thats horn-equipped - eden, swr, aguilar, accugroove...the one i was playing sells for about 750...next time i go back, ill get more information, spec wise, on them, since i know there are spec nuts on here...i also tried out, at another shop, an ampeg portabass 10, with the portabass 250 head. running a flea bass thru it, i found the only time i liked it was when i was chording, EQ flat, and playing with my right hand around the 15th or 16th frets. otherwise, the cab was entirely too thin for me, and it didnt handle the low E well at all. it was also very boxy sounding, though thats due to the fact that the cabinet itself is extremely small. for a practice rig, it would be great, if you could justify spending that kind of money on something like that. i'd be interested in seeing how that head does with some other cabinets. at another shop, dealing in only high end equipment, i A/B'd a mini whappo with an epifani 310. maybe not a fair comparison, but i was interested in seeing if everything accugroove says about their cabinets was true. to my ears, the mini whappo sounded restricted, and didnt like the low b of the custom roscoe 5 i was playing, especially not when pushed. it also wasnt very quiet when not playing( iwas running thru a glock head) still, it was a good sounding cabinet, but i could never justify the 1300 i'd have to pay for it, and i still think i'd be more satisified with my bag end 210. when i played the same equipment thru the epifani however, i was amazed at the clarity i got, and also at how much more musical these cabinets are, while still being "hi-fi." this cabinet also handled the low b much better, even at high volumes. punchy, deep, the usual terms used to described a good sounding cabinet. plus its much smaller than the the accugroove. in defense of accugroove, i'd like to try out some of their other cabs, to see if the rest of them are any better. i also would have liked to try out some 12s, as ill be looking at some when i have the money, but since i wasnt buying anything, i didnt want to take up more of the guys time. oh, one thing to add about the WAN 410 cabinets(the ones using xtealth components) theyre VERY heavy, easily 100 pounds, which is the only drawback i could find in them. ok, sorry for being so long, im done now:D

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