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Tried some bass cabs today :)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by AndrewShirley, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Well I just got back from Club Bass in Toronto and had a chance to try out some really great cabinets. First off, I want to say Dave is a first-class store owner. From what I could tell he was very knowledgable and was definately interested in matching me to the best cab for what I do. Asking questions, he determined how much wattage/drivers I would need and the weight restrictions on the cab itself. GO SEE HIM! Seriously.

    I was playing a MM Sterling with a Yorkville XS400H head into each cabinet. Dave was standing behind his wall of cabs and switching from one cab to the other as I saw fit - man he was helpful!

    Here are my own personal findings:

    Bergantino 2X10 - Flat and sweet, very detailed. The tweeters were a little loud for my taste, but easily dialed out. These cabs are definately looking for accuracy and looking to faithfully reproduce the sound of your bass. I could see a set of flats sounding really great through these cabs. If you have a really unique sounding bass, then this is the cab for you.

    Markbass 2X10 Traveller - Not bad. Coloured and less tweeter than the Bergs. Not as detailed as the Bergs, definately more low-mids, which may translate into Growl. A touch light on the bass for my taste - but easiy dialed back in. Still sounds good with chords and finger-style, slap was ok but the tweeter was more "Plunkish" that "Twangish".

    Markbass 2X10 Standard - more bass than the traveller, otherwise very similar.

    Markbass 4X10 - "All things are coming to an end" sort of bass. Otherwise pretty much the same as the other Markbasses. One thing that REALLY impressed me was how light these cabs are, being neodymium drivers and all. I could easily carry this cab with one arm and my amp in the other.

    EA 1X12" - Poo in a box. They were shooting for accurate, flat - they got poo :) Its definately flat - very similar to my studio monitors but the Bergantinos were shooting for the same thing and sound much sweeter. I suppose if you are using a Bass POD or some other modelling pedal then this cab may do the trick for you, otherwise you would have to EQ the bejeepers out of it to get it to sound decent. I did NOT try the iAmp along with it, so perhaps that would also make a difference.

    GK 1X12" - Meh. Wasn't impressed, wasn't unimpressed. There were no thunderous lows, but didn't sound bad or anything.

    So, like I said, if I had a bass with some really great tonal characteristics, then the Bergantinos are the way to go. I was very impressed with their detail and sweetness. If coloured is what you want, and I suspect most of us do then the Markbass cabs are a good choice.

    I would personally stay far away from the EA 1X12" unless flat and uninteresting is your cup of tea.

    The GK 1X12" was ok, but only OK.


    - Andrew
  2. CaptainWally

    CaptainWally Supporting Member

    Oct 21, 2000
    Sandy Eggo, CA
    I ended up with Bergie myself, but to be fair, the EA might be tuned to shine in the mix. I tried one once, and I found it a bit dry/sterile for my tastes, but I didn't get to try it in a band context.

    I've had gear that sound really good at home, but poo in the mix.