Trimpots, metaphors

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  1. Anybody figured out what the trim pots in the Metaphors modify? I just got mine and wasn't ready to tweak those yet.
  2. I just sold mine, and never got around to tweaking those. My theories are that they involve distortion gain and compression threshold. My home rig has consisted mostly of unplugged and headphone practice which didn't lend itself to pedal tweaking. I called EHX and they said that their engineering dept. couldn't / wouldn't tell me :scowl:.

    You have a screwdriver, you have the pedal, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO IT!!!!!!:p

    Then let everyone here know what you find. ;)
  3. I will try them soon. I would like to lower the compression ratio or raise the threshold. I have a quarter pounder that gives a really hot signal, like an active bass. Maybe I need to pad the input. I should just solder a resistor in my bass. I haven't tried it live yet, maybe I will like the compression in that context.

    Here is my initial review. I used it at Practice, going through a PA.
    The distorion seems to be mostly midrange. You can set your clean sound then adjust the distortion knob all night and not bother the sound man. Especially if the compression is on.
    Your clean sound is unaffected and the distortion is layered on when engaged.
    When I use heavy distortion I want a mid boost and constant bass power. Thats what this pedal does! For a classic rock tone I turn the distortion to 3 and it sounds tubeish with a mid hump.
    At low distortion settings it just barely adds some harmonics and grit. It sounds tube like, but unique. If you turn the bypass signal and eq signal down and listen to just the distortion it is harsh, but when blended it sounds much smoother. It's analog so it all interacts. The distortion knob affects more that just the blend, it seems to affect the gain at very low settings.

    Clean, rock, and Distortion sounds with the exact same low end signal. All at the proper volume relations for gigging. Amazing!

    The compression helps create the tube effect. With the compression on, the the EQ has a dual band compressor type effect.
    I feel the compression is a little strong at times, but running direct I am bypassing the compression of tubes, and cabinets. Through FOH this compression seems reasonable.
    I hesitated to buy this from some bad reviews I read. But I am glad I took the time to really explore it.

    This is a great analog multi effects DI box!!!!!
  4. Both trim pots are for Compression. One is pre compression volume, the other is post volume. Set the one nearest the board edge to max volume before the eq distorts, the other one then controls how much squash.

    If your bass has high output volume then the compression will be to much unless you lower the pot furtherest from the edge. I enjoy the compression on this pedal now that I have it set.

    My bass has always been too hot for most pedals so I replaced the 500k pots with 250k and that helped reign it in. If you have a stock, passive bass, you should be fine with factory settings.