Trip of a life time!!!! What should I get?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by arvidgunardi, Mar 11, 2002.

  1. Well not exactly a trip of a life time, but close:) I'm heading to Vancouver Canada this april, and planning to drive to Seattle especially for bass northwest. There are things that I definitely have to get...: Bart jazz PU for my currently being made jazz bass, and all the necessary things for it.

    But other than that, any hot stuff I should be considering in getting? J-retro?? Or that warmoth jazz bass??:p

    Tell me what you think....thanks!:)
  2. Geoff St. Germaine

    Geoff St. Germaine Commercial User

    Go to Mike Kinals shop in Vancouver.

    Seriously, I have heard nothing but good of his basses.

    Then report back to me. The next time I am in that city I am gonna go to his place. Then I will hopefully order a nice MK4-B.

  3. Fuzzbass

    Fuzzbass P5 with overdrive Gold Supporting Member

  4. Actually I've been to his place. He actually did all his stuff right at his home. At least that was a few years ago.

    I didn't get the chance to play any of his bass, cause he wasn't home and there wasn't any bass available to try, but I'll make sure I do this time.
  5. BTW, has anybody in the area heard of Neil Douglas in hasting street near New Westminster(12th st)? I wonder how his bass is.


    Yeah, I've been to Long and Mcquade in Vancouver. In Howe st or grandville st...i forgot. They have quite a decent collection of bass "eh"?:D Actually that dude with the long hair who's working in the bass Dep is really cool! He's one of the most helpfull salesman I've ever seen. He even took the extent of answering questions from a homeless person who would drop by once in a while.

    Well thank you so much guys! I didn't even know Mike Lull is in Bellevue.....but I'll make sure I visit all the places mentioned above.

    GOTTA GO!!:D
  6. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    j-retro. must buy for a jazz, imo.
  7. I was actually seriously thinking of getting that one. But I saw a few comments in TB about J-retro not worth the price. Anybody has actually use it? Please tell me your comments....thanks
  8. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    arvi take me with you, i'm italian and i can cook!!!
  9. muggsy

    muggsy Supporting Member

    Dec 14, 2000
    Alexandria, VA
  10. Can u cook dog meat? Seriously, I love dog meat.

    How bout goats brain? If you can, a return ticket is yours.
  11. Arvidgunardi, don't you dare go back to Indonesia without an Epi Jack Casady! :D

    I'm depending on you to bring the sound of this great bass to southern Asia. ;)

    Seriously though, at least try to listen to a Yamaha NE-1 EQ. Goes well with any bass.

    Mike J.
  12. Neil Douglas is about 5 blocks from my house. He does not make basses. His shop is mostly guitars, with a few basses, not worthwhile for a bass player to visit at all. I do not think he even makes guitars.

    My bass teacher works out of his shop. My guitar player also works there in the store. I tend to go there to get my strings, and thats about it.


  13. The L&M is about 4 blocks south of the Granville street bridge, around 4th Ave and Granville - 2301 Granville St. to be exact.

    Be prepared to wait if you want to talk to Wayne. I spent about an hour in the basement, just trying out the wares. There wasn't a minute that he wasn't busy with a customer...poor guy.

    I copied down a buncha prices last month, here's a quick list of some of the stuff:

    Warwick Streamer LX (Natural) - $3180
    Fender 75J Reissue (Black) - $1950
    Fender Jaco (Fretted, I think) - $1925
    Ernie Ball Stingray (Sunburst or Black) - $1850
    Tobias Growler (Natural) - $1795
    Gibson Les Paul (Red Sunburst) - $1700
    G&L L2000 (Natural) - $1200

    I must say, they definitely have the widest selection of instruments in Vancouver...

    There is a second L&M on Hastings, around the north end of Granville St. They have a Warwick 5-string Streamer Std. for $1100 and an FNA Jazzman for $1725.

    There is a Tom Lee Music on the pedestrian part of Granville St. They have a few interesting basses too:

    Fender Steve Harris P - $840
    Fender Hot-rodded P (Transparent Red - used) - $1100
    Ernie Ball Stingray (Black - used) - $1300
    Fender American Series J or P - $1400

    Have fun shopping.
  14. Yeah, I thought about doing a US conversion but the original poster says he's from Indonesia...
  15. Really? When I was in vancouver a few years back, I had always thought that bass prices over there is too much overpriced! That's one of the reason I bought 2 of my basses in bassnw. Plus, Tom Lee is simply out of the question, most of the salesman there are just a bunch of dufus IMO:D

    For example, I bought my L2000 for about US $700 brand new, there wasn't any g&l at that time in L&M anyway. Or have prices dropped since the past 2 years?

    By the way, I visited the link for the reviews of J-retro posted above, and i have to say, those testemonies are really convincing. I might end up getting a j-retro, a pair of single coil BArt jazz PU, Badass 2, and probably some gotoh tuners:) It'll be for my jazz bass custom(ash/maple).
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