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Trip Wamsley And Barker On the Road!

Discussion in 'Barker Bass Forum' started by TRIPSTER, Mar 17, 2006.



    Aug 13, 2003
    Sulphur LA
    So, I hit the road with Caedmon's Call, Bebo Norman, and Geoff Moore for the Compassion International tour. I brought along my Barker as I knew it would do well in this folkie-rock type atmosphere. I also had my Glockenklang Bass Art and a Glock 212 and 210 along. I also had my Ho-Bag J-Beater and Alembic Orion Walnut fretless and a Vigier Fretless. But anyway, the bass that ripped through the PA with warmth, fatness and clarity was the Barker. All involved were really impressed with its performance. So impressed that the band leader for Caedmon's wants me to work out a way to fly the bass to shows and says the sound is really earthy and inspiring. I'm inclined to agree. Not that my other boys suck. They don't. But for digging in and making the heavens rumble the Barker gets the prize on this tour. It's also been a boon companion for sessions as well. You'll be able to hear/feel it on my upcoming new release later this year. Love to all and love to Lee for such a neato axe!