Tripled down on the $400 pawn shop Chinese no-name

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by mindwell, Mar 20, 2014.

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    After a couple months of backlog and delays over finding a sufficiently wide ebony fingerboard blank, the luthier has finished and the $400 Chinese pawn shop bass has come back really, really nice. I'm astonished by how well it plays and how good it sounds.


    Bass has a big neck, so after having two Indian ebony blanks not measure up, luthier went for a B-grade German board.


    Myself, I think he did a hell of a job. Neck plays beautifully all the way down, and the arco sound is magnificent. It's a Bb, by the way.


    I'll bring it in next week for some tweaks. Neck is pretty thick, so I might have it taken down a bit. Or maybe not.


    This bass sounds and plays wonderfully, and not just with regard to price point. My wife, who has a DMA in violin performance from the University of Oklahoma, is very impressed with the sound. Upshot: I do not care about the weird cutaway. This is an excellent Chinese laminate bass, and I'm lucky to have her. Now I just need a name...
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    Heck of a score! Congrats! Enjoy it :)
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    It will play even nicer if you take the E string nut slot down.
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    Give yourself some time to get used to the thick neck. You might end up preferring it, as I did with my new bass.
  6. Great shot that first picture! Will try that once myself.
    Enjoy your bass!
  7. Definitely give yourself some time. I gave mine time as well even though it was a little tough and had a little pain. Wouldn't change it now for anything.