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    Apr 7, 2008
    Reading through the Aebersold Jazz Camp thread, I tracked chop1992's link to this camp: After some email correspondence with Bob DeRosa there, I learned that the 50 something age bracket is quite the norm for the Naz Camp. Also there is a local instrument shop that will rent you a bass (possibly including delivery and pick-up). My wife (girl singer;)) and I are seriously considering doing this camp. It could be real fun and definitely would be a different kind of summer vacation. (Don't you get tired of flying to Maui every year:D)
    Now the reason for this post. I'm wondering if anyone has any first hand experience at the Naz camp. What was your experience like. What level of players should I expect to be mingling with? Any and all input will be appreciated.
    Dave Little
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    Rich Thompson, Dariusz Terefenko are my teachers at school, and I've worked with a couple of the other faculty members that teach at the camp, and they're great! I don't have first hand experience from the camp, but the teachers are definitely worth going for.
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    Dec 17, 2003
    Maybe the camps are great, and attract all levels of players, but I just would not want to go to something called a Tritone Fantasy Camp. What are they trying to put across calling it that? Just cannot take a name like that seriously. It just sounds like a fun thing, which is fine for some people, but my idea of a jazz camp is an optimum week to improve my playing in reality. I am looking for the real thing and camps cause a good chunk of money to attend.
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    May 13, 2009
    To Dave and others,

    This reply may be too late, but I have attended Tritone Jazz in Wisconsin twice. My experience was fantastic and contributed signifcantly to my development as a jazz bassist.

    The faculty are all serious music educators and performing muscians. Ike Sturm who is the bass instructor is one of the most proficient and patient people I have studied with. Check out his website and credentials.

    Students attending the camp are mostly middle age. Half of them were music majors or serious players who pursued other professional paths. The other half (me included) came to jazz performance and their instrument later in life and are looking to improve their chops and grow musically.

    Faculty to student ratio is low. There is nowhere to hide and you will be gently pushed to step up to the next level. I have never been around a more generous, supportive group. There is music all day and into the night so you can't help but learn something.

    I don't know about the Naz experience personally. But a few people I know who have attended both rate the Bjorklunden scene higher.

    Hope this helps. I missed last year, but I'm heading back this year.
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    I think a lot of people only appreciate Jazz later in life and it does take a certain amount of knowledge and work ...which may put off those of the younger generation(s) who expect "instant access" for everything...:eyebrow: