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Trivial advice

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Eric Cameron, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. Just need advice on what to go see when Meghan and I go up to Seattle for a week. I already plan to spend a day at EMP, another at Bass Northwest, and another at Boeing Air Field. Pike Street market is also in the plans, but beyond that, I've only been to Seattle in passing, so I don't know where anything interesting is. Any good resteraunts, or museums?

    Rock on
  2. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    COOL man...someone coming to our town to hang out.....well, lets see here....

    you gotta eat at a place called "The Hurricane", it is on 7th, just off Denny, between Blanchard and Bell.....it is the longest continually open restaurant in Seattle, that's what our waitress told us once...the food is great, good old fashioned all-american food...the breakfast, served all day, is superb.....atmosphere is total grunge...but, since you are asking about museums then you prolly want something nicer.....then go to "The Met"....excellent $teakhou$e...garlic mashed potatoes are very good...if you like Jones Soda, you can check out the factory, and get samples for .50 each.....Wolfgang Puck has a eatery right by Pike Place.....go to this Vietnamese place, and get yourself a "hum bow" in Pike Place, it is a few shops down from the original Starbucks, right across the road from the dudes who throw the fish.....also, get a crepe' just to the left of the fish throwing dudes...YUM-MEE!.....Mama's Mexican Kitchen has some grubbin' southern cali style Mexican food, it is in Belltown on 2nd, between Blanchard and Bell again....i don't wander far do I??? hehehe...hey, trying to keep it simple....make it a point to check out the smaller coffee shops, like Cafe Ladro....some good ones on Capitol Hill too....above all else, make sure you go to Dicks, and get a burger and fries.....greasy burgers served 50's style

    TO DO:
    i went to EMP, and thought it was a waste of my $20....many people love it, may have just been me....i am not a museum guy, but they have this really cool place by Safeco, in Pioneer Square, that sells stills from many famous cartoons...old and new.....they have a great Simpsons display....depending on when you will be here, there are some nice parks to walk around....a couple great ones in west seattle that give a killer view of the city

    ok...i am done......someone else fill in the holes for me....PM me if you need any more ideas

  3. BaroqueBass


    Jul 8, 2000
    Salem, OR
    pay your respects to Cobain and Staley. :(
  4. Isn't Jimi Hendrix buried somewhere around there as well?

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