SOLD Tronographic Rusty Box!

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    New/mint condition, never gigged. Super cool pedal. Just need some scratch to buy something else. Original packaging/AC adapter included. Also included is a Voodoo Labs PPEH24 cable for powering Rusty Box with a Pedal Power (24 volts). $165 including shipping Con US.

    From Tronographic:
    The Tronographic Rusty Box is an instrument pre-amp in effect pedal format. Though optimized for bass guitar, the Rusty Box is also effective on regular guitar. It was designed to re-create the unique 1970’s “hi-gain” solid- state bass amp tone whilst adding useful modern features such as a balanced line out, true-bypass and Master volume.


    • Input Gain controls allow the musician to dial-in just the right amount of gain and drive

    • EQ includes separate Middle, Bass and Treble controls, all tailored for bass guitar

    • Boost Mode for extra volume/drive is activated with your foot

    • Can be used as a DI box with a balanced output capable of driving 600Ω.

    • True-Bypass: Input is connected to Main Out and nothing else

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    PM'd! Been looking for one!
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