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Trouble with RHCP's Don't Forget Me

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by Camel_spit, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Hey peoples,
    I've recently taken a liking to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Don't Forget Me from the By the Way album, however, when I went to play it I had a few problems with the introduction bit. After you play the double note/chordy thing, how do you then make the scratchy noise sound good? (I know my technical terms aren't quite up to scratch, but bear with me). I play it with a pick, of course, and when I mute the G and D strings and strum, it sounds wrong, sort of like it does when you play the little bits if string up near the tuning pegs. It's a bit hard to describe, sorry, but I guess what I'm trying to say is how do you make it sound more percussive? If any of you Talkbassers play it, how much pressure do you put on the strings when you mute them, to make it sound the best?

    Thanks for any help, and sorry what I'm saying is not very clear. Please tell me the proper names for the things described above, so as I can not sound like an idiot next time.:rolleyes:
  2. Im still fairly new myself but ive masterd that song and I have found 3 things that you can do with it.
    1) play only the lower portion of each chord.
    2) play only the upper portion of each chord.
    3) play both together.

    What i do is press a little harder than normal and use my fingers to get the same tone that Flea does. Picks are great, but theres a time and a place for them and "Don't Forget Me" is neiteher the time nor the placeIMHO :)

    Also check to make sure you don't have your low and middle tones on your amp maxed out or anything strange like that, I still dont completly understand what your asking though.

    If you happen to have any tips on "Throw away your television" please do let me know.. that song looks easy to me but its killing me to play through. Does flea have his bass tuned differently for it or somthing?:(
  3. Flea uses his fingers for that?!? Damn. I always just assumed he used a pick for that one...oh well. Anyway, you know the percussive noise he makes after each chord? How on Earth do you do that with your fingers?:confused: And as for Throw Away Your Television, I have absolutely no idea. One at a time....
  4. Listen to "Pea".. By the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I found that if I duplicated the effect but not as hard as Flea uses on the acustic bass it sounds similar to how he plays "Dont forget me." But for all i know he does use a pick. Just from a bunch of playing around I got it to sound like he played it with my fingers and screwing around with the mid and high tones on my amp... And if this doesnt make sense to you dont worry it still doesnt make much sense to me, but im trying :D

    All in all im probobly WAY off in the way i play it, but it sounds cool and quite similar to the way he plays it. just throwing in my 2c. :)

    And as for the percussin noise i just just barely lift my fingers to mute the strings and use my nail to run them across both strings. I hope this makes sense... its like a muted light strum..
  5. I finally learned Higher Ground and fleas woodstock bass solo! WHOO HOO!! :D and btw "Don't Forget Me" is completely plucked from what im told though i dont believe it, it sounds like hes right :confused: and as for the percussion sound its a muted pluck for sure. He proved that one because i was in disbelief :( Good luck bassin' hope i could help

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