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    Ok, ok. Before everyone goes on about basses should be used without picks and everything, I have had 3 years experience with my Ibanez GSR200EXL using only my fingers and I also believe the bass is better with fingers. But I'd thought that I should give the pick a try. Not a guitar player, it was difficult at first. But I can get by with the pick now. But one of the most annoying and occurring problems I've had with a pick is: it likes to slip deeper and deeper into my hand as I'm playing. I was told not to squeeze too tight or I would cramp, which has happened, but not to loosely or I wouldn't get a powerful sound. But when I find that happy medium of pressure, I can't seem to figure out why the pick slips farther into my hand. It hurts too because my middle knuckle on my index and middle fingers get scraped against the strings. If someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong here, I would be appreciative. Thanks in advance! :bassist:
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    Dunlop triStubby. Has a central textured cavity in the middle for better, no slip grip. I also use the extra thick 3mm, which has a gentle slope rather than a sharp edge, which to my ears sounds fuller and not as harsh as a regular thin pick.
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    Hi Joe,

    Sorry, but I've never played with a pick and don't know anything about it....I wish I were more help. I've heard some folks do GREAT things with a pick...but I'm not one of them. You'll probably get a better response from another forum....


    Happy hunting!!
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    This seems odd. My guess is that you are holding the pick incorrectly.

    Carol Kaye is regarded as one of the best pick players. Check out this link from her site.

    See tips # 26 & 27 :