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  1. Hi all, lost my older account info so had to create a new one. I wasn’t a very active poster but constantly lurking. I just have some questions I haven’t been able to find answered anywhere else. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    I have a chance to pick up a new 2018 or 2019 Troy Sanders Fender Jag Bass for a good price. I played one of these and loved it but I’m not sure what year it was or where it was made.

    I know in the past these were a MIJ model but what about the newer ones; seems like they might be MIM but now have upgraded to America electronics. Does anyone know the specifics on this? The price point has stayed the same so I’m wondering if that is justified by putting nicer pups in but moving the production to Mexico. I’m also wondering about any other differences Fender May have made to this bass in the last year or so. Tuners, shielding, etc.

    Thank you!
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  3. According to Fender’s site:
    Troy Sanders Jaguar® Bass | Electric Basses

    You can zoom in on the photo of the back of the headstock and see an MX serial number - Made in Mexico.

    Also, it has an American Std. P pickup and a “Custom” Noiseless bridge pickup. I believe the Bridge pickup is the same they use on the MIM Deluxe Active basses, and are probably made overseas, as well as the preamp.
  4. Forgot to mention....I bought an American Standard Jazz V neck pickup, and it was labeled as “Made in Mexico” the P pickup is probably also made in Mexico, but the MIM Noiseless bridge pickup is probably made in Indonesia...
  5. Ahh I see the serial number now when I zoom in. Impressive zoom on the Fender site..thanks for that.

    I’m still wondering if the MIM version is the version I want but you say The American standard also has a lot of MIM parts. Anyway, thank you for the help!
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    Jul 1, 2019
    Hi, yesterday I bought the Fender Troy Sanders Jaguar Bass, new, in an official Fender store. It's majestic man. I don't know why people suggest "made in Mexico" Fenders are bad. Mine, it's really great. The neck is so beautiful (blondie, not "brownish") with satin finish, it's awesome, incredibly fast. The bass doesn't weight too much as I thought. Your shoulders can't reject it. In passive mode it sound smooth and clear. The bass boost pfff... sooo deep. Also the treble up is good. Active mode on and boom, killer sounding bass. In general, your best option. The precision pup sounds good and, in my opinion, the jazz pup sounds "just fine" (not really noiseless).

    Cons, it doesn't have tone knob, the tuners and the bridge are "standard" for the price. Maybe better pups if you're so demanding as me.

    Pros, you can modify it, adding the tone knob and the control plate "left" as the original Fender Jaguar Deluxe or the Fender Amerian Standard Jaguar, separating the "blend" knob into two different switches, one for every pickup and adding a third one for series/parallel split. The tuners and bridge you can replace 'em for Hipshot ones, adding your favorite sounding strings and that's enough for having a really really ultimate bass.

    If you're perfectionist as me, you'll also shield your cavities with bronze tape and replace the bone nut for a bronze one.

    In my particular case, I'll also give a "silver finish" to the nut, for matching the color with the tuners. I'll also replace the string retainer for a Hipshot chrome 3 strings retainer one. I'll also add a Hipshot Bass Xtender for the E string. I'll also replace the pups, maybe (if my Luthier can, 'cause they're passive; if can't I'll search for some active adecquate ones) a SPB-4 Steve Harris on the neck and a STK-J2b Hot Stack on the bridge. I'm thinking wich strings will be the perfect ones, it depends on the final pups. If they are the ones I mentioned, then I think the Rotousound SH77 Steve Harris Monel will do the job. Finally, a nice looking strap with the Fender "F" chrome straplocks.

    Well, hope that my opinion and ideas can help you. I'll add the pics of my project for this incredible bass at the end. Best regards!

    PD. I'm from Mexico City, but my opinion of Mexican Fenders doesn't envolve my birth country.
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