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Tru oil in Aus?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Rayle_Trail, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. Rayle_Trail


    Jun 14, 2004
    To all the TB'ers out there from Australia. Can you get true oil here? If not, is there a good oil readily available here thats got what it takes to do a nice finish on a bass? I can't be bothered going to the hardware store anymore and asking for a product that only exists in America while the person looks at me like I live beneath the earths crust. ITS HAPPENED BEFORE MANY TIMES! :crying:
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Same here

    I mean I've faced the same thing here countless times.
    In a hypermarket specialized on home-furniture care etc. like Bauhaus, Praktiker or Metro (Like Wal-Mart)

    -"Do you have Tung Oil?"
    -"WHAT oil?"
    -"Tung Oil, it's an oil of a tree I guess, it's used on furnitures and.."
    -"What did you say? Tank Oil?"
    -"No, tung oil"
    -"We've got oil varnish"
    -"So, no Tung oil"
    -"No, we don't have Ting Oil or whatever" :D :D
    -"Thank you"
    -"We've got turbentine too"
    -"No thanks" :D :D :D
    -"Do you have Tru-Oil"
    -"I said we don't have Tunu Oil"
    -"No this is something different"
    -"We don't have it, are you sure you don't want some turbentine?" :D :D :D
  3. Hi,

    I remember someone mentioning to contact Horsley Park Gun Shop in the western Sydney suburbs in NSW. They have lots more than advertised on their website. If they don't have it, maybe they can point you to someone who does.

    Here's their website:


    The other mob is Mick Smiths Gun Shop near Central station in Sydney - details in the following yellowpages.com.au link:

    Mick Smiths

    South Australian Rifle Association have the Birchwood-Casey brand Tru-Oil listed in the pricelist under Care on their following webpage (hope it's the same one you're looking for):

    SARA Store

    And so does NSW Rifle Association at:

    NSW Rifle Association Mail Order

    Otherwise contact Tru-Oil's manufacturer in the US for the local distributor if there is one.

    Hopes this helps . . .


    Ozzie :bassist:
  4. One of the largest firearm tools and equipment suppliers called Brownells will ship overseas and I bet that Australia is friendly enough to weapons (thank God) to allow such shipments. They've got it by the quart.


  5. Mr M, try telling them the next time that "tung" oil is a shipstore as old as your country, was used by the shipwrights that built the vessels that got the first settlers onto your continent in the first place and that no self respecting woodworker on the planet would dare admit not knowing what the stuff was for fear of being laughed out of the fraternity.

    To which his reply will probably be something like "So how do spell that "Tongo" oil anyway?" :rollno:
  6. :D :D

    Yeah Hambone you know what, the cold truth is they really don't know, even ever heard about it. I checked it with a few luthiers and a good number of carpenters here and they've never heard about the Tung Oil, Chinese Wood Oil or what other names it has. I've never talked with a shipwright though, I may try this.

    Now I'm trying to order Tru-Oil from Luthier Mercantile (placed the order) and Tung Oil from Woodworker's Supply (waiting to see if they can ship it, as they are unable to send via airmail, bloody regulations). You know what I fear is to end going to China, find some Tung tree seed and squeeze them and bring here back :D :D

    "We don't have Thumb Oil, do you want olive oil? You can find them in our food quarter" :p :p

    Good luck to everyone living outside the States and searching Tru-Oil, Tung Oil etc.
  7. What's even more of a pisser is that most countries outside of the US don't have near the environmental regulations that we do yet you can't get something as harmless as TO there. :mad:

  8. Hey Mr M,

    You should check out the local aussie ubeaut woodworkers forum. They can be most helpful. The codgers in there seem to have some hard earned experience with wood finishing and know where to find things that even I wouldn't have a clue about and I'm in that game myself. :eyebrow:

    Although you can search the forums, you have to register to post - just like here in talkbass.
    Here's a link to their Finishing forum:
    Ubeaut Finishing forum

    Tung Oil - try Timbecon in WA (they have overnight delivery quite cheap). Enter tung oil in the Product Search near the top left of the webpage and see if that's what you are after.

    Did you try out the links in my previous email reply to your first request ??

    Ozzie ;)
  9. Me not aussie!

    But thanks, I'll look if they'll ship to here Turkey.
  10. Beauty, Mate! Thanks for the link to timbecon.com.au

    I've been lookin' for tung oil for YONKS!

    I did the "tung oil" search at timbecon, and I'd probably go with the danish oil. I'm going to get me some and make my figured maple wishbass really pretty. Seriously, It is a darn nice piece of wood....have a look http://briefcase.yahoo.com/kerry_retort

    Bunnings needs to get they're act together.


  11. Hey Kez,

    Regarding Bunnings - you're not wrong . . . My experiences are similar.

    Will take a look at the piece.

    Mr. M,

    Oops, got the wires crossed. Sorry.

    Ozzie :cool: