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Truss rod odd behavior

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by gbf, May 5, 2005.

  1. So... I hava an American Traditional Fender Jazz Bass '01 since 2002 I guess. It's is a hybrid between mexican hardware and american wood/construction; something in the ways of a Fender Highway 1 if it would be made today. I love that bass since it is the one that have been trough soooo much with me and the best thing I could afford then and probably now too. Every winter/summer that comes i have to set it up again. No problem until now right? uhmm WRONG! Every single set up I did i had to put more strength in the truss rod. Last week i realised due to really bad pain in my soulders and elbows (i went kart racing a few days ago) that it would be nice to have the action lowered a bit. So i grabbed my stuff and went to do that. The thing is that i just can't get action as low as it was when i first bought my bass. i remember having an very low action the first times I set it up and now i just can't get it to be that way. The first thing i thought is that every time i changed strings to new ones the truss rod kept doing the same strength it did with the old (and more loose) strings. Every time i turned the tuning pegs to get the strings in tune, the truss rod has to do more strength and so on 'til now.
    I was wondering what could i do to get the darn thing back in shape as it was before :bawl:
    Is my theory about the strings correct? If so, a new set of strings and a more loose truss rod would do the trick right?
    Another thing bothering me is that a friend of mine wants to buy the bass and if I won't be able to get the action as I liked I might just sell the bass to him and get another one.

    After all that story I was wondering if any of you experts out there could give me a hand... :help: :confused: :help:

    Thanks already,

    ps: sorry about any english mistakes, i'm from Brazil
  2. ohh and i forgot to tell that i can get som pictures of the bass to help you out. thanks


  3. I suggest you find a good tech and have them get it back into shape for you.


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