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Truss rod problems

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Chris J, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. I find that the truss rod on my bass is about as tight as it will go. For fear of breaking it I have stopped tweaking it. I brought this to the attention of the store guys that sold it to me. He said "If it's a problem bring it here." I don't really want to bring it down town so I would like some advice here. I was thinking of completely un-screwing the truss rod and putting a washer over the rod and screwing it back on. I read that the truss rod could compress the wood a little and this would fix it. Am I wrong in my assumption? Help!
  2. nivagues


    Jan 18, 2002

    I gather you have too much relief in the neck.
    What is the relief and what are you aiming for?

    If the nut is well recessed into the neck, you could try a couple of washers as the wood has probably compressed. (If the nut is not too far recessed then I doubt if washers will help). Make sure you choose one that goes over the rod easily and drops out easily, otherwise you could damage the thread on the rod. If the inside and outside diameters of the washer are too snug, you'll never get get it out again if you need too.
    If after doing that and you find the nut becoming tight and you still can't lower the relief to where you want it, then take it to a luthier.

  3. Thanks a lot!

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