SOLD Trutone one spot power supply, daisy chains and 2 to 3 pedal board

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    Not sure if there is any interest in this but: I have a "custom" made 2-3 pedal board made from hardwood flooring and a Trutone one spot power supply for sale. I made the board for a tuner and dirt only although 3 pedals will fit. See pics for the "custom" features (handle, feet etc).

    The one spot is in great condition and will come with a 5 plug and 2 plug daisy chain.

    $30 shipped to the con us. There is some good mojo with this set up I just moved to a slightly larger pedaltrain.

    If you are just interested in the power supply combo pack and extra daisy chains: $20 shipped con us.

    Pm with any questions...wisecracks welcome as well. :)

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