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  1. Right now I am playing geddy lee, and marcus miller jazz basses through an SWR bass750 and either 2 goliath III's or a Goliath Jr III.

    I went to 2 music stores today and tried a few amps...
    ...Aguilar Ag500sc through Eden 210xst and AccuGroove Tri112 (used maybe older model?)
    ...Eden WT 550 and WT800B through an SWR Goliath III 4 ohm...
    ...Ampeg SVT 6 pro through 810e and PR410Hlf...
    ...Mesa boogie bass 400+

    What I came up with (with jazz basses) was that the Aguilar sounded good through both cabinets, (way warmer than I expected.) The Eden WT 800B was very deep set flat through the Goliath, (I couldn't believe how much low end was coming out of the Goliath... mine doesn't sound like that with the bass750) but besides that, there was a lot of tweakability... A little EQ went a loooong way with this one. The 6 pro sounded ok, but didn't stand out compared to the others in my opinion. (although the SVT classic was the Shiznit! but heavy...)
    Finally, 2 guitar centers, and 3 Mesa Boogie Bass 400+'s NONE OF THEM WORKED BETTER THAN A WHISPER...***...I almost feel like this amp might be my holy grail, except that I can't find one that works better than maybe what seemed like 4 live power tubes...disappointment...

    Anyway, anybody have any input on hard/punk rock through Eden amps, working Mesa Bass 400+, Aguilar gs500, or SVT with SWR 10's?
    I searched, but it doesn't seem like anyone likes SWR anymore. I like my Goliaths'ses (especially with the eden WT 800B) Anybody use any of the above, or others for hard rock/punk rock with a pick?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I used an Eden Metro, and then an Eden stack in a hard rock band for a long time. I always loved the sound I got from both. I never used a pick, it was always fingers. I used an Eden 410 with a couple different Eden amps, and then a power amp with a Navigator.


  3. Maybe they didn't take care of their amps, or they simply had bad tubes, but I love my Mesa Bass 400(predecessor to the 400+), I've had it for a year, but it's from 1982!

    I can nail an aggressive, gritty, hard rock pick tone with it...

    ...and they go really well with Eden cabs..lots of clarity and warmth
  4. I use an Ampeg SVT-II (non-pro), good stuff :)

    Why would you be using the 6-pro with a sealed 810 and a ported 410? all in all seems a bit overkill?

    Another localish band i know uses a Mesa 400+ (im sure it is, may just be a 400 tho, still good!) for punk/hardcore, and it works really well :)
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    A working mesa 400+ should be really damn loud. I had one for a while, and it was not my cup of tea. I sold it and bought an eden wt800b, which I like muuuch better. More power, especially bridged at 4 ohms. You can biamp if you care to, much more flexible tone shaping, and I like it's flat sound better. Also, I needed an amp that would work for both DB and electric, and the eden does, whereas the mesa definately did not.
    You probably ought to look at a Thunderfunk if you like the ededn sound. Similar, but yet different;) I like the extra band of semi para that the TFB adds, and the enhance and timbre functions are just about magic.
  6. I keep seeing the 400's and 400+'s on Ebay, maybe I'll just take a chance on one of those some day (seems like it may be safer than one that's been sitting in Guitar Center for years)

    Right now I am leaning towards the Eden...we'll see what tommorrow brings.
  8. From what I've heard, the Bass 400 makes slightly more clean power than the 400+, due to it's six 6550's, compared to the 400+'s twelve 6l6's..but the amps probably pretty close in output..

    I read that a 6550 is good for 50-60 watts, whilst a 6l6 is only good for 25 at best..and they distort sooner..
  10. So they both put out about 300 watts, not the 500 that mesa states?

    sounds like I should be looking for a 400 not the + :meh:

  11. Yeah, I figured I would check out the 810...always had my eye on 'em, but I own 2 Goliath 4x10s so I swithced to the pro410hlf, to size that up. It just didn't blow me away like the SVT Classic through either cabinet. :(
  12. Mesa stated peak power...but a tube amp can utilize more watts than just the clean the harmonic distortion from a tube amp is "pleasant" to many peoples ears, and naturally compresses the sound, so it's very useable

    Yes, many people stated that the 400 is capable of slightly more clean watts than the 400+.
    6l6 tubes are usually quicker to distort than 6550's, but the tradeoff is that the 6550's will distort more harshly when they finally do get pushed...

    I wouldn't worry about the wattage as much, because both amps are capable of pushing an 810 cab pretty cleanly..
  13. worried about 6550's being harsh? what about KT-88's, they usually have a tiny tad more clean in em :)
  14. Anyone know if the Eden Navigator sounds like the WT800 and vice versa? I have only tried the 800, but might go pre/power..... :meh:
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    I have both an eden navigator/qsc-plx 1602 rig, and a wt800b, and I use them interchangably. I think they sound very similar, but I've never ab'd them...the Navigator has a few more features, but I'd have to have them side by side to tell you could compare at eden's site.
    I think unless you get a bigger power amp than the 1602, these two rigs are nearly identical as the wt800b bridged is ~1100 watts. It's a smaller, lighter package than a racked pre/power combo...
    Either choice will net you a fine rig.

  16. About the more features... I was just wondering what the "tube" knob does, (the knob right next to the gain) and how much it affects the sound. :confused: