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  1. I'm not sure where I should put this, so bear with me if I put it in the wrong forum..
    I got asked today to try out for a signed act.
    It's not the type of music I play, but It is a style of music I like...They are a ska band, I'm more a progrock/hard rock kind of guy..
    Besides getting my hands and ears on everything they've put out and learing as much as I can, what else would anyone advise. I've never had to try out for a band before..
    Thanks for any replys..
  2. Having been there more times than I care to recount, just a few;

    - Don't be on time, be early by several minutes. They know how they set up wherever you'll be trying out, you don't. When they say, "Go" you are tuned, intonated, and your rig is ready for sound,
    - Prepare for the unexpected; extra extension cord(s), 9V battery, spare strings, et al,
    - Personally introduce yourself to each band member before you get going. A little chit chat is good. Make it apparent to the drummer that locking in with him/her is important to you
    - Don't show off. Stay grounded and in the pocket. If you want to show off some double pops or triplets, do it between songs when others are goofing around,
    - Don't ask if your tone/volume is okay. They'll tell you if it isn't,
    - Don't ask, "How'd I do???" or say anything or make any excuses about how tough it is to come in cold. They probably know what it's like. Merely compliment them and thank them for the opportunity. Ask them when you can contact them about a decision. Don't let them leave it at, "We'll call you."

    Since they're a ska band, bringing a big lid of primo couldn't hurt :D
  3. Huh?
  4. YUou have confused him wise one.
  5. Bass Guitar

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    Aug 13, 2001
    Rick is giving you great tips that you can use for a successful band audition. Wasn't that what you were after?
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    The "lid of primo" was a JOKE, son :rolleyes:

    I think :p
  7. my quotes didn't quite work.. if you look i replyied to his message. it's in his quotes..the huh was for the last part of his reply. lid of primo?
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    Think Cheech and Chong, Bob Marley, Sensimilia (sp?).....the color GREEN.:D
  9. Sorry I was esoteric.

    Reefer, mary jane, boo, the chronic, bud, wacky tabacky, herb......

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    It's alright, man *cough*, I understood ya *cough*. Oh wow........................heh, heh.........*cough*. Whoa, anyone got any water? Maybe some chips..........duuuuuuuuuuude! *cough*

  11. funny my all time favorite muscian is Bob Marley...I should have known that one i guess, but I don't smoke...